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How has Teamleader evolved this past year?

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 17-Dec-2018 14:35:55 in Product Updates

How has Teamleader evolved this past year?

2018 is coming to a close. Time for a recap of how your favourite business tool has evolved over the past year. And dare we give a sneak peek into 2019 as well? (Spoiler: the answer is yes. Read on to the end of this article!)


A new look

January and February brought along some design changes. We’re restyling the entire product to improve the overall user experience and remove clutter wherever possible. A seamless workflow is our goal, which is of course a continuous process. We started off with the redesign of both our navigation and our dashboard. More (smaller) changes will follow soon.




You might have heard a thing or two about GDPR this past year. This new European data protection regulation took up quite some time in our roadmap, with the deadline of May 25. Fortunately, we are living up to the standard, and both your and your customer’s data is safe with us. Take a look at what this new regulation means for your business. Any other questions about the GDPR or data security? Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base.

A new mobile app (and API)TrendsinCRM_Inline_mobile1

Right before the GDPR was launched, we also released our new mobile app. Building up to that we had previously redesigned and reworked our entire API. This was a necessary base for an improved mobile experience, since we ourselves are relying heavily on the API as well. As they say: eat your own dog food!

Integration fund: six months later

The new API is also one of the main building blocks for new integrations. As you know, we believe in connectivity and breaking down silos. Tools need to communicate and exchange data, if they are to boost your productivity or efficiency at work.

That’s why we launched the Integration Fund in May this year. In short: we invested one million euros to build integrations between Teamleader and other business tools. And we’re quite happy with the result: in just six months’ time, 11 new integrations were added to our Marketplace. And more will definitely follow.

Still missing an integration, or would you like to build one yourself? Apply for the Integration Fund!




We want to help you do business around the globe, effortlessly. In the Eurozone, that’s pretty straightforward. But outside of our little safe haven, invoicing quickly becomes trickier - because of all those different currencies. That meant multi-currency invoicing was one of the most popular feature requests in 2018.

We worked on that, and came up with a solution: today, you can easily create deals and invoices in various currencies. Pierre and Jalil are bound to agree:



Recycle bin

Ever been overly zealous, accidentally deleting too many contacts or companies? It happens to the best of us.

That’s why, in October, we created the recycle bin. Look at it as a handy safety net: deleted contacts, companies and deals will remain available for 30 days, before being permanently deleted. An account administrator has the ability to restore those items within those 30 days, or delete them right away. You can find the recycle bin in the Settings (if you’re an account administrator). Careful - once you permanently delete something, there’s no way back! Not even we can retrieve items then, as we’re bound by privacy law (remember the GDPR?).

That’s our round up of the biggest changes of the past year. There have been lots of smaller improvements of course, such as lots of non-fund related integrations, improvements on the date format and international addresses, the availability bar in the calendar for project planning users etc. Don’t forget to check the gift box in the top right-hand corner in Teamleader  for new updates.

Looking forward to 2019


A recap also inevitably raises the question: what about next year? Here’s a list of things we’re currently working on:

  • Invoicing redesign (currently in early bèta)

  • Start-stop time tracking

  • Improved calendar

  • Profit calculation on Projects

  • Multi-currency for subscriptions

  • … and much more.

You can expect a full roadmap from us with all upcoming changes early next year. But for now:  happy holidays from the entire Teamleader team, and warm wishes for 2019!