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Create flexible payment terms

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 27-Jan-2017 14:10:00 in Product Updates

Create flexible payment terms

Create your own customisable payment terms for invoices and subscriptions!

As of now it’s possible to create your own, custom payment terms for invoices and subscriptions. No more working around the default terms provided by Teamleader, but a customisable solution!

Teamleader already offered a range of default payment terms to add to your invoices, but sometimes they just weren’t sufficient. That’s why, as of today, you can create them according to your own wishes.

When navigating to Settings, choose Invoices. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find the ‘Payment terms’ widget. Add new payment terms by clicking the plus-button and add the number of days you want the payment term to be. Good to know: you can only add payment terms starting for ‘after the invoice date’. The ‘End of month’ terms are still fixed.

payment terms.png

If you have too many payment terms, you can just click on the bin next to it to remove them. When you then proceed to create a new invoice or a subscription, your payment terms will be available in the dropdown menu.

As before, you can specify the default payment term per customer by setting up the invoice preferences on the contact or company detail page.

payment terms2.png

Learn more on creating flexible payment terms on our Knowledge Base!

Switching from ‘Planning’ to ‘Calendar’

Next week, you might see a small change in your Teamleader navigation: we’re renaming the ‘Planning’ module to ‘Calendar’. Why, you might ask?

Well, mostly because of the imminent release of our Project Planning module. And to avoid communication issues when talking about either the ‘Project Planning’ or the ‘Planning’, we decided to rename the latter to ‘Calendar’.

Other than the change in name, the ‘Planning’ (or should we say ‘Calendar’) remains completely the same!

More on the release of the Project Planning soon!