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Coming soon: the Work Breakdown as your projects starting point

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:42:14 in Product Updates

Coming soon: the Work Breakdown as your projects starting point

A few months ago we introduced you to the Work Breakdown. Since then, we have gradually improved this helicopter view of your project. Since this page is the axis around which your entire project revolves, the Work Breakdown has been given an even more prominent place.

The Work Breakdown?

Dividing a project into manageable pieces and dividing the work equally, quickly becomes quite a feat. Especially when a project develops into several phases, an overall picture is quickly lost. The Work Breakdown offers a solution to that problem.

The Work Breakdown offers a flexible way to plan your work. Start by planning all the major phases of your project. This gives you a quick overview of the most important steps to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Work breakdown (1)

Once the broad outlines of your project have been drawn up, you can delve deeper into the specific tasks per project phase. You don’t have to take into account who will actually carry out the work. This way, you can get a grip on all the work that is about to happen more quickly, and you will be able to start your project with peace of mind.

Work Breakdown as the starting point of your project

When we introduced the Work Breakdown, we immediately set to work on optimising this page further. We received a lot of feedback from customers with useful tips that could improve their daily use of it. The Work Breakdown has increasingly become the centre point of a project. That's why we chose to make the Work Breakdown the default page of every project.


Budget visualised

This was, of course, a deliberate decision. Because this is an adaptation that impacts the workflow of our customers, we made sure that this was first extensively tested with our beta audience. The reactions to put this page first were positive, but one point came up again and again: a visualisation of the budget. 

We gladly took this feedback to heart and added a budget indication in addition to time registration. You can now see your budget for each phase as well as for the entire project. You can easily switch between the time and budget display. This way, you can choose for yourself which information you want to display at that time.

Work breakdown - Front and centre - budget data@2x

You can expect these updates in your account in the coming weeks. If you would like to know more about this feature, take a look at our Knowledge Base.