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Coming soon: a cross-projects timeline

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 27-Nov-2020 15:42:43 in Product Updates

Coming soon: a cross-projects timeline

Managing many projects at the same time is an undervalued talent of a project manager. In order to encourage them, we at Teamleader are currently developing a timeline that visualises all your projects.

There is a chance that you will have several projects running simultaneously within your company. There is also a chance that you may find it difficult to keep those projects apart and quickly see what their status is. Result: frustration, mistakes, dissatisfied customers and money lost.

Are we hitting the right notes? Then we would like to introduce you to the new timeline on projects. In a nutshell: a visual representation of all your projects that immediately shows you the friction points in your planning, using intuitive colour codes. Extra info such as deadline, project description, budget indication, project phases and more is available in one click. This timeline will become available to all customers in the MOVE and BOOST packages.

Timeline_duplo (1)

At a glance, you get to see how your planning is going. Use filters to adjust the timeline to your ideal scenario. Based on the status of a project, you will only see the projects that apply to you. For example, you can quickly see which projects are at risk, so you can take action.

We consider the timeline to be the perfect solution to show up professionally at your weekly team meetings. You keep everyone perfectly informed without having to prepare for hours. In other words: more done with less hassle.

Improved thanks to our testers

We do not let our beta testers rest on their laurels. In addition to the financial forecast and the innovations on the Work Breakdown, they are helping us to improve the timeline on projects.

We already learned a lot. That not all projects are equally relevant, for instance. Projects with a very long running time (think of maintenance contracts) may clutter the overview. That is why we are adding the option of making certain projects invisible on the timeline.

Thanks to the testers, we also got confirmation of our assumption that displaying phases on the timeline is also extremely important. That is why you can open up each project and quickly see the status of each phase.

Phases expanded + passport v2

We also noticed that the statuses on the timeline raised questions with beta testers. It was not always clear what a status stands for and what it says about a project. We're currently solving that problem before we release it to the general public.

We expect to deliver this new timeline to you at the beginning of the new year. In addition to a Covid-19 vaccine, that is something to look forward to!