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Teamleader’s product roadmap for 2018: here’s what you can expect

Tom Schouteden - CTO Tom Schouteden - CTO on 10-Apr-2018 15:37:20 in Where we are going

Teamleader’s product roadmap for 2018: here’s what you can expect

To many SaaS businesses, standing still means falling behind. No matter how good your product is, you have to keep innovating to stay ahead of the game.

That doesn’t mean you should keep adding new features or modules until the end of days. We understand that at Teamleader. We’ve made a deliberate choice not to build extra modules, instead improving what we have: CRM, project management, invoicing and ticketing.

And I’ll be honest with you. Teamleader hasn’t changed that visibly to you. But if I could show you the progress that we’ve made under the hood, you’d be surprised. I don’t have to tell you that a car without an engine isn’t actually a car at all.

That’s still our strength: at its core, Teamleader is a very powerful tool. With that core improved for the future, it’ll be much easier to add bells and whistles - but we’ll always keep user experience as our main focus. What can you expect? I’d like to give you an insight into our roadmap for the upcoming months.

The product roadmap for 2018

Disclaimer: a SaaS business is always prone to last-minute changes. This makes a fixed roadmap a very delicate thing to do - as it can change from day to day. This means the expected delivery date could differ from the actual release date. Also, our Agile development approach gives us the chance to release new features gradually over a certain period of time. So don’t worry if you haven’t received a feature yet, it’ll come eventually!

That being said, here’s what we want to launch this year.

Many businesses create invoices in multiple currencies. Teamleader offered some currency conversion options already, but those options were limited, and not suited for a lot of people.

Though the functionality did what it should at its core - converting the final amount into a foreign currency via real time currency conversion - we heard your feedback that this was insufficient.

That’s why we’ll be adding a lot more (expected) functionality. Think setting your own conversion rate, conversion per product line, multiple currencies for one product, allowing an invoice to be created in a different currency right away,...

We’ve been working on it for a few months now, and the first results are already live: we’ve added every single currency in the world (with the exception of cryptocurrency and precious metals - sorry, crypto millionaires!). Kaching!

Planned release: spring 2018

New Navigation Barn

To help you save time, our goal is to make our interface as user-friendly as possible. A new and improved navigation menu might seem like a purely visual improvement at first, but we actually thought long and hard about this one. So hard in fact, that we even came up with our own psycho-analysis. Don’t believe us? Read our blog post and learn that there’s more to a navigation bar than meets the eye.

I hear you thinking: “why now? Why the navigation? What will I eat tonight?”. Valid questions. In short, we’re changing this now to be prepared for a lot of other updates in the next weeks and months. The new navigation ties in with our multi-phase plan to reach our goals for 2020. A small step now, for a huge leap later on.

To summarise: we want to help you get where you need to be in as few clicks as possible. Our navigation menu should be clear, yet without hogging up too much space. This way, you can use that space for a better overview of your to do’s, to name but one example.

Planned release: spring 2018

Invoice overview redesign

Chances are you’ve seen our new dashboard design by now. This is only the beginning. Our entire product team is improving the user interface, while also figuring out how to add new & requested functionality.

Our goal is to make your life easier. If we can save you even a split second by eliminating one click, or add some more intuitivity in the process of creating deals and invoices, we’ll do it.

That’s why we’re currently reworking the invoice overview. Besides some added functionality (like the multicurrency I’ve mentioned before) our goal is to focus on a better user experience. We want you to really love using Teamleader. When we put our hearts and soul into it, we want you to feel it too (winks away a tear of pride).

Planned release: spring 2018


The General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of regulations put forward by the European Commission, to protect consumer data. It forces companies to revise the way they handle the data of their customers. Teamleader will of course be fully compliant by the time the GDPR goes into effect (May 25th). Want to know more about the GDPR and how Teamleader handles data? Read all about it in this blog!

Delivery date: multiple phases from now until May 25th 2018

Profit margin

One of our most received requests on project management is calculating profit margin. Makes sense, as every business wants to know whether projects have been profitable or not. First step in this process: making the ‘Add project’ flow a tad more user-friendly and ready to support profit margin.

Next up is adding the difference between internal and external costs. Right now we only have the option to add one rate: the price you invoice to your customer. By adding an internal cost as well, you’ll be able to calculate the difference between what you spend internally and invoice externally.

Planned release: summer 2018

Improved calendar

Another major improvement will involve your calendar. The current calendar works, but it could work better. We want it to be a go-to place for all your meetings, calls and tasks. It shouldn’t only show you what’s going on, it should help you plan your day, your week, your month or even your year. And we know better than to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, we’ll be implementing CalDAV into Teamleader. It’s an internet standard that’s also used by Google or Apple for instance. This will make it way easier to sync your calendar across devices.

Rebuilding the calendar from the ground up with Caldav also allows us to lay the groundwork for much requested future improvements that we wouldn't be able to do with the current calendar. Rebuilding gives us the right fundament, and we'll build powerful features on top of it. Plus, we'll provide you with an mindblowing redesign that's in line with the new Teamleader interface.

Planned release: late 2018

Cloud platforms

Not only do we want to deliver exceptional customer experience, we want you to be able to offer the same towards your own clients. That’s why we’re upgrading our Cloud platforms such as Cloudsign and Invoicecloud, giving you more control over what your customers will see.

Planned release: late 2018

Onwards to 2019

The topics above aren’t chosen lightly. There’s been intensive deliberation on which improvements we should and which ones we shouldn’t do. It’s a balancing act between what our customers want now and what we believe they need.

For us it’s simple: we want to help you work smarter. And that might not always be what you expect right now. But rest assured, behind every decision there’s a whole lot of data, user testing and experimenting. We go beyond just adding functionality. We want to implement workflows, ultimately making your lives easier.

We want you to spend time in Teamleader and at the same time we don’t. Because every minute you win, you can spend on doing what you love. May that be investing in your company or enjoying some time with family and friends.

And beyond?

But what will we do to make sure we’re still relevant, say, 10 years from now? To be fair, it’s not an easy question to answer. Harvard Business School professor Theodore Levitt has predicted that competition will be less and less about features, but more about how you serve it:

“New competition is not between what companies produce in their factories, but between what they add to their factory output in the form of packaging, services, advertising, customer advice, financing, delivery arrangements, warehousing, and other things that people value.”

While that rule applies to physical products, it goes for SaaS as well. It’s not just about your product. Customer service, user experience and customer happiness are just as important. We’re looking into ways to help you with extended services too. Securing your cashflow for example, by offering a factoring service. Or what about helping you find the right person for the right job by offering a networking platform with ratings and skills?
It’s just a few of the things we’re investigating for the future. All to make your life easier.

Our goal is to help you work smarter. And for that, we need your ideas. Sign up to become a Teamleader beta user, and help us improve your experience!