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Previewing documents, setting the person responsible for ticket autoreply

A handy new update that we added this week to Teamleader is previewing documents in your browser!

Previewing documents in Teamleader

A handy new update that we added this week to Teamleader is previewing documents in your browser. This applies to everything from Office and most types of images: if you now click on a document in Teamleader, for example, a quotation, a Word document, a jpg or png file, the relevant document will be opened directly in your browser. This ensures that you do not have to first download everything before you can open something. This is also a useful tool for people who do not have Microsoft Office.

Your screen will look as follows:

Previewing documents in Teamleader

The bar at the top will give you additional information and options. You can, for example, see who has uploaded the file and when it was added to Teamleader. If you click "Show history”, all old versions of the file will be shown.

The option to forward the document immediately through email or to download it anyway is provided on the right-hand corner at the top. You can exit the preview screen by clicking the cross on the right.


This preview will also be available in the following version of our mobile app. Therefore, it will be possible to consult offers while on the road.

Responsible person for ticket autoreplies

Another feature added to Teamleader is one related to the ticketing system. You could already set automatic replies that were sent to the client when the client sent a support query. The name based on which this automatic reply was sent, was always the person who had set up the ticket.
This is about to change! If you go to "Settings” and you select "Tickets", you can add or edit autoreplies. You will see that a new field is available: "On behalf of”. The autoreply will be sent to the client on behalf of the person who is entered here!


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