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Perfect Integration: "Teamleader is the hub of all our day-to-day operations."

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 12-Apr-2017 16:38:26 in Digitisation & Productivity

Perfect Integration:

After testing multiple solutions to manage their SME's business, Perfect Integration eventually decided to go with Teamleader. Why? Read on!

Who? Bert McGaughey, Operations Manager & Chris Knight, Managing Director & Founder
What? Integrated technology & custom installation specialist
Teamleader since? September 2016
Challenge? Managing internal and external calls and messages, keeping track of all information that moves in and out of the company

Perfect Integration, located in London, is a specialist company that brings a personal touch to the technology in your home. Their core business: designing and installing integrated systems to enhance your life - using the latest products and technology. "We felt there was a gap in the market for someone with pure finesse, real attention to detail - not looking to cut any corners."

"We don't do 'good enough'. We do 'perfect', or not at all."

We spoke to Operations Manager Bert Mcgaughey: "Our aim? To deliver integrated control systems. Rather than having your music, movies, lights, curtains, air conditioning and all that with separate controllers, we roll it all into one, giving you a single touch panel with a single interface to make things easier to use in your house."


Houses, businesses, superyachts

Perfect Integration takes control of all the technology in your home, workspace or superyacht, and delivers it back to you in a simple, reliable and integrated solution. And they take pride in offering top-notch quality. "What makes PI so unique, is that we test more new products than any other company I'm aware of", Bert continues. "We won't ever settle for what we did in the last project. We don't ever do 'good enough', we strive for 'perfect', or not at all."

"On a daily basis, you'll find a number of our engineers and software programmers out on site, both wiring up the physical hardware, the electronics that make all of this work, and developing and rolling out software and testing it - so that our front-end is both bespoke to the client and works flawlessly."

The status quo before Teamleader

Before using Teamleader, Perfect Integration used multiple pieces of software, each doing individual tasks. "We had things like Insightly doing CRM, which didn't have much 'engagement' in the team, so to speak. Zendesk took care of ticketing, which was great - until you try to export the data. Harvest was used for timesheets and Dropbox for file sharing, but it was all really disparate."

"Internally, there were too many messages and calls flying around. This reduced the workload each manager could take up, including myself - and the PMs. We spent too much of our working day trying to find information that should be readily available to everyone on the team."

"There were many internal messages and calls flying around, reducing the workload we could take up."


The tipping point

Perfect Integration then started looking for solutions elsewhere. "I spent about a month searching for recommendations across all industries, and Googling about 15 different tools. We tried all of them, and the vast majority had a flaw of some description - be it they were in beta, they didn't have a mobile app, they did scheduling but didn't do project management or milestones, ..."

“Nearly all other tools had one element missing from the equation - Teamleader simply didn’t.”

"Nearly all of them had one element missing from the equation - Teamleader simply didn't. We then decided to just bite the bullet and give it a try. Things were too disparate, there was an expansion in the team, several people were using several tools; all of these things were just chewing into people's time on a daily basis. 

The future

“Teamleader, our new all-in-one tool, will remain the hub of all our day-to-day operations.”

Perfect Integration's plans for the future? Chris Knight, Managing Director & Founder joins the table: "The plan is to continue growing. We've been growing consistently year on year, and we want to keep aiming to be the best at what we do. We've recently started working in the superyacht market, and that's going to be an area of growth for us over the next three to five years."

"Teamleader, our new all-in-one tool, will remain the hub of all our day-to-day operations. It's an enormous step forward from using different systems for ticketing, CRM, calendar, chat and all that. We'd certainly recommend it to other SMEs seeking to digitize their business."

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