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Outlook plugin update, Project changes

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 22-Aug-2014 13:26:00 in Make your business future-proof

Outlook plugin update, Project changes

Another week has come to an end: time for your weekly Feature Friday. Today's updates include the Outlook plugin and project changes! 

Outlook email plugin update

Last week we launched our new Outlook plugin, which enables you to track incoming and outgoing email directly to the right Teamleader contact. We combined both previous plugins into one, creating the advantage that Exchange is no longer needed for email tracking. From now on, all Outlook 2013 users can enjoy this plugin. Just make sure you delete the old plugin(s) before you install the new one (accessible via Integrations).

Some adaptations to the Project module

We added some adaptations to our Project module this week. For instance, we changed the lay-out of tasks linked to a milestone. From now on, all of the tasks linked to a milestone will be divided into three categories: ‘To be planned’, ‘Planned’ and ‘Finished’. This way it is easier to maintain an overview to all of your tasks.


Furthermore, it is possible to link support tickets to a project from now on. If a customer mails to your support address with a project related question, you can link the ticket to the relevant project. On top of that, customers can create tickets directly from Cloudproject when granting them external access. This replaces the need for checklist items.

Converting an invoice to a subscription

Another new feature we can present to you this week, is the possibility to convert an invoice directly to a recurring subscription. Simply click on the arrow next to the invoice info (on the invoice detail page). There you will find the new option ‘create subscription’.


If you choose this option, you can create a subscription using all of the products that were mentioned on the invoice. By adding different parameters such as start date and the period, you can finetune the entire subscription.