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The new Time Tracker: tracking time was never easier

Charlotte Vanden Bussche Charlotte Vanden Bussche on 26-Mar-2019 10:43:14 in Product Updates

The new Time Tracker: tracking time was never easier

Tracking time is a bit like spring cleaning: we all know it needs to be done, but nobody actually enjoys doing it. That changes today, with Teamleader’s all-new Time Tracker.

In a nutshell, the Time Tracker allows you to start, stop and resume a timer when working. You can start tracking in your browser and continue on your phone, or the other way around. Always synced - wherever you are.

The new Time Tracker: here’s how it works

Teamleader allows you to track time for tasks, calls, meetings and tickets. That’s not changing. We are, however, making the process more logical, easier and more intuitive.  

Before, you filled out the hours spent on projects or tasks afterwards. With the new Time Tracker, you can start a timer just as you start working on a project to track how long you spend on a task, call or meeting. You’ll quickly notice this way of working motivates you to remain focused on your project - in turn increasing your productivity.

Did you know a timer actually helps you become more productive on its own?  

You’ll now see a timer in the top right-hand corner of your screen. This is your new Time Tracker. Think of it as your time tracking hub. From this point, you’ll be able to start and stop tracking time for projects at will. 

Time tracking so easy your team will actually want to do it 

Now that you know how the new Time Tracker works, what are the main benefits of this update?

  • Tracked time can now be added in one click, without adding in-depth information (i.e. description or customer)
  • You can easily resume the timer - no need to enter the same information twice.
  • You get a clear overview of all your timesheets for the day, and the total number of hours worked.

Time tracking becomes so easy your team will spend less time doing it - leaving more room to spend your time productively. And after all, isn't that what Teamleader is for? 

Ready to try it out? 

This new Time Tracker is a great step forward, and we’re really proud to present this feature to you today. Now it’s your turn: log in to Teamleader and give it a try

P.S. Any questions or in need of some troubleshooting? Check out the dedicated article on our Support page or reach out to us.