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New Outlook plugin, Team leaders can replay calls

This week's updates: a new version of the Outlook plugin, and Team leaders can replay calls!

New version Outlook plugin

There is a new version of the Teamleader Outlook plugin available for tracking incoming and outgoing email. This version solves some of the problems in the previous version, such as unexpected crashes.

You can download the new plugin via Integrations (direct link: You do need to remove the old version before you can use the new one. You can do that in your software settings on your computer.

Replay calls from team members

Following last week’s update, in which we announced that you could replay the calls you have made yourself, it is now possible for team leaders and administrators to replay their team members’ calls.

Replay callsVia either tracking or call statistics they can see who you have called and listen to everything you’ve said on the phone.

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