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New bookkeeping integration with Reeleezee, Shortcodes to add VAT included price

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 29-Jul-2016 13:28:00 in Make your business future-proof

New bookkeeping integration with Reeleezee, Shortcodes to add VAT included price Thank God it's Feature Friday!

Reeleezee integration

We’re happy to add yet another two way sync bookkeeping integration to our list of existing partners. Say hi to Reeleezee, a Dutch accountancy software that allows you to sync contacts, invoices and payment info from and to Teamleader!

To activate Reeleezee, go to your personal menu in the top right corner (below your name) and click on ‘Integrations’. You’ll find the topic ‘Accounting and finances’ where you’ll find ‘Bookkeeping’. Clicking it will give you a few options, among which is Reeleezee.



Reeleezee is only available for the Dutch market, so it will only be selectable when you have a department in Teamleader located in The Netherlands.

To connect Reeleezee to your Teamleader account, you need to create a webservice link in Reeleezee first. In the app, go to Settings > Default Settings > webservice links and create a new one. Just enter a login and a password to your linking and hit ‘Save’.

It’s this login and password that you have to enter when setting up the integration in Teamleader. After you’ve done so, you can also select whether you want to import your Reeleezee companies to Teamleader or not. Hit ‘Connect’ and if everything is filled in correctly, your Reeleezee account is now linked to Teamleader!

We’ll provide you with an extensive How To on the integration shortly, so check back regularly for updates!

New shortcodes to add VAT included price

A much asked for feature was the addition of a shortcode that would show prices with VAT included. Well, we’ve delivered!

From now on, you can use the shortcodes $PRICE_PER_UNIT_INCL_VAT_HEADER$ and $LINE_TOTAL_INCL_VAT_HEADER$ as header for your table, as well as $PRICE_PER_UNIT_INCL_VAT$ and $LINE_TOTAL_INCL_VAT$ to add the unit price and the total amount including VAT to your quotations and invoices.