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New accounting link with Yuki

Our new link to the accounting package Yuki will make bookkeeping a good deal pleasanter!Accounting fans will be delighted again. And the large majority of people who end up huffing and puffing at the end of each quarter can breathe a sigh of relief too. Our new link to the accounting package Yuki will make bookkeeping a good deal pleasanter!Yuki logo

Yuki makes it easy to manage your purchase and sales invoices, to integrate your bank data and keep up with your general accounting. Thanks to the in-depth integration with Teamleader you can automatically synchronize companies, sales invoices and payment data.

The link works in the same way as those with the Octopus, Exact Online and Twinfield accounting packages. If you’d like to know exactly how the link between Teamleader and Yuki works, you can find out in this How To.

Want to know more about Yuki? Ask for a free demo presentation via their website!

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