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MYPUP: "Teamleader was the ideal way for us to work in a structured and professional manner."

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 25-Jun-2016 16:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity


MYPUP helps thousands of users send and receive postal packages at the office. Teamleader paved the road towards more structure and professionalism. 

Who? Martijn van Schaveren, owner and commercial director at MYPUP
What? Unmanned and secured locker walls in office buildings
Teamleader since? June 2015
Challenge? Working transparently with thousands of contacts

MYPUP offers unmanned, secured locker walls to collect and send parcels from your office without having to bother the reception or mail room. MYPUP has thousands of happy customers, including businesses like KMPG, and Nationale Nederlanden. 

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In search of a workflow tool

Before MYPUP discovered Teamleader, they actually didn't use any specific workflow tool. They did, however, use to do a lot of things in Excel. Last year they were only a young startup, with a small budget. "Teamleader was the ideal way for us to work in a structured and professional manner, with software that is usually only destined for major enterprises with much larger budgets. It was a wonderful solution for us."

"Every now and then, our shareholder wants to be informed on how we're doing. We can now do so really easily using the statistics."

MYPUP has so many users that a clear workflow becomes a necessity. "Each of our customers' employees gets access to the pick-up point at their workflow. This makes for thousands of users, all with their own questions on different topics. Those people have all been added to the CRM. The sales part of the tool, including the pipeline, is also really important as it helps us keep things structured and transparent. In addition to that, our shareholder wants to be informed on how we're doing every now and then. We can now inform him really easily using the statistics."

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Teamleader's greatest feature? "According to us, definitely the pipeline and CRM. As all communication with our users is added to the CRM, everyone here can simply pick up the phone and talk to a customer. You can instantly see the entire contact history."

Amidst all the complexity that comes with other tools, Teamleader offers a welcome change, according to Martijn. "I had absolutely no idea which tools were available on the market, so I simply started researching. I've requested multiple trials, mainly from American systems. But they didn't really help me in any way: I had to find out how they worked, with very little support. I gave up pretty quickly."

Choosing Teamleader

So what caused Martijn to choose Teamleader in the end? "The clear and intuitive design, but especially the personal follow-up and excellent guidance you receive in setting up the system. Doing everything on my own would cost me a lot of time - time I cannot afford to waste as an entrepreneur."

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Obviously, there had to be a better way. "When I came to your office, I was helped really well. You really took the time to help me, which was fantastic. With the other tools, I could only mail their helpdesk, and most of the time, only in English. 

In spite of all his enthusiasm, Martijn still has a lot to discover when it comes to Teamleader. "I even think we haven't started using 80% of the features yet. We're a very young company which means we're really busy as well. We're using the system in a functional way: we use what we know and what we need."

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So basically, Martijn is a happy user. "Teamleader is easy and accessible - because it's available in Dutch, really handy! - and affordable for young startups. And once your team starts to expand, Teamleader simply grows along with your business. The personal approach and professional service are the cherry to the proverbial cake. Throughout the trial period, I had the feeling you really wanted me to be your customer. The companies behind the other tools I tested never gave me that feeling."

"Teamleader is easy-to-use, accessible and super affordable."

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