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Multi-select vacation days, Signature upload, Mobile app updates

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 15-Jan-2016 13:28:00 in Make your business future-proof

Multi-select vacation days, Signature upload, Mobile app updates

Yay, Friday! Today's additions to your favourite software: Multi-select vacation days, signature upload and mobile app updates!

Multi-select vacation daysVacation days

Once again we’ve tried to make your lives a little easier: when asking for multiple days off in Teamleader (always fun to do), you don’t have to select each day separately anymore. Instead, you can now easily click & drag from the start to the end date of the period you want to take leave.

If you do this, you’ll see a new menu on the right side in which you can specify the details of your leave. E.g. the type of leave, a full day off or just a couple of hours, etc. Click ‘Add’ to send the request to your team lead or the account administrator. Bahamas, here we come!

Upload a scanned signature

In Teamleader, you’ve been able to create your own signature to add to quotations for ages. You could just draw one using your mouse. But for people with a less steady hand, we've now included the option to upload a previously made picture of your signature.

If you navigate to your personal menu in the top right hand corner and choose ‘My profile’, click the ‘Create now’ button next to ‘Signature’. Choose the ‘Upload’ option to pick a file on your computer. The upload supports file formats .jpg and .png, with a max file size of 2MB.

Create online signature

Mobile app updates

The Teamleader mobile app has received some minor updates as well, including:

  • Products are now visible in the navigation
  • Define a call outcome for phone calls made via the app
  • Select the correct department on a worksheet
  • Select a task type while adding or editing a task
  • Various bug fixes

As per usual, the Android version will be updated shortly whereas the updates for iOs will be available in about two weeks. You don’t have to worry about a thing: the update will be implemented automatically (unless your settings state otherwise).