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Meeting updates, starting numbers for new fiscal years, Teamleader on desktop search engines

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 18-Dec-2015 13:21:00 in Make your business future-proof

Meeting updates, starting numbers for new fiscal years, Teamleader on desktop search engines

Chilly outside, time for some Teamleader updates: meeting updates, starting numbers for new fiscal years, and Teamleader on desktop search engines!

Editing recurring meetings

Teamleader provides you with the option to repeat meetings with a certain frequency. Suppose you have a meeting every Monday morning with your team members to discuss the upcoming week, then you don't have to schedule those over and over again. Instead, you just create a recurring meeting.

That option has existed for some time now. But what if the planning changes slightly? Perhaps a new colleague has joined your team. Do you have to edit every meeting separately? Fortunately, the answer is no.

From now on, independent of whichever meeting in the series you would like to edit, Teamleader will ask you if you would like to commit the changes for that specific meeting only or for all of them. This applies to the contacts attending, but also location, duration, date and time…

Edit recurring meeting


Did you create the meeting? Then you'll also get notified if someone decides not to participate.

Details of a meeting changed? Notify your contact!

A small but useful feature that will avoid heaps of confusion: let your contact(s) be notified if the details of a meeting you're both attending have changed.

If you edit the meeting, Teamleader will suggest to bring your contact up to speed through email. You can create your own message via Settings > Planning > Meeting invitation templates.

Of course this is only applicable to meetings to which an external contact has been invited. For internal meetings, attendees will always be notified from within Teamleader.

Changing the starting number of invoices for new fiscal years

2016 is on our door step, which means the start of a new fiscal years for a lot of companies. A new fiscal year is automatically created in Teamleader when the first invoice of the year is created, so you do not have to worry about that. The numbering will also anew from 1.

If you do wish to choose that starting number for the new fiscal year, you can create one manually via Settings > Invoices > Fiscal years. Below ‘Advanced options’ you can add your own starting number for the new year.

Add fiscal year

Teamleader available on desktop search engines

If you use productivity tools like 'Alfred' for Mac for example or 'Launchy' for Windows, you can now add Teamleader to those tools. As such, you'll be able to use Teamleader's global search function straight from your desktop.

Since many of these search tools feature the possibility to go through certain web pages, adding Teamleader can by done by entering the following link:{query}

A quick search from your desktop will now also show Teamleader in the search results.