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Meet Sjoerd Göddeke, the new face of Teamleader NL

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 27-Aug-2015 10:45:00 in Grow your business

Meet Sjoerd Göddeke, the new face of Teamleader NL

We’re making changes at our offices in Amsterdam. Bringing 5 years of experience as a sales manager for Exact, Sjoerd Göddeke is to be the new face of Teamleader in the Netherlands!

In his previous position at Exact, Göddeke turned a five-man sales team into a fully operational business unit of 35. And now, as our brand new country manager in the Netherlands, Göddeke's main objective will be to further develop Teamleader into a prominent CRM solution for SMEs.


By hiring a Dutch country manager, we stay true to our core strategy of remaining locally embedded in the markets in which Teamleader is active. Strictly speaking, Teamleader is not a software-as-a-service, but rather a software-with-a-service. By this, we mean that we prefer providing support to our customers at any given moment rather than leaving them out in the cold. We believe it's important to remain as close to our customers as possible.

Customer focus above all else

Sjoerd shares the same values: "My philosophy is 'doing the things you believe in'. I believe in SMEs, entrepreneurial minds who are determined to work hard every single day, fueled by their passion for business. I believe in Teamleader, and particularly in the fact that we can support these entrepreneurs with their business processes, from the initial customer contact up until the invoicing."

To Sjoerd, mutual trust is of crucial importance: "If an entrepreneur entrusts us with business-critical processes, our aim is to help them out - which is easier if you're familier with their company culture and if you understand what they believe in. This is why we focus on customer success, which we hope to achieve by remaining close to our customers and listening to their needs and experiences."

Enormous potential

The challenge for Sjoerd is to further develop Teamleader into the undisputed CRM software market leader for SMEs in the Netherlands - which is, by the way, a booming market.  Throughout his career, Sjoerd has proven to be the right man to guide fast-growing businesses on their path to further success.  So we're really thrilled to have him aboard as the new face of Teamleader NL.

"I'm very grateful for the growth path my team and I have been able to take at Exact," Sjoerd explains. "I was looking for a place that could offer me the same growth experience, and that is how I ended up at Teamleader. Cloud adoption rates are growing year in, year out, and Teamleader has all the qualities to really leave its mark on that market. They possess state-of-the-art technology, operate in a market that needs innovative cloud solutions and in short, they have a wonderful team."

External integrations

Sjoerd leaves no doubt as to his favorite feature of Teamleader: "The way Teamleader integrates with third-party software is absolutely terrific. In fact, the integration between Exact Online and Teamleader is how I discovered Teamleader, as Exact is one of Teamleader's partners."

"What mattered to me in making the switch to Teamleader, is that they aim to build their innovative cloud solution for SMEs with passion and heart," Sjoerd states. "Not just in terms of technology and ease of use, but also in terms of their company culture and how they attempt to win both the hearts and minds of their customers.  Their pragmatic approach and 'can-do' attitude are completely in line with my own beliefs, which is why I'm determined to spread the Teamleader spirit in the Netherlands."