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Meet our redesigned support centre

Eline Grootaert Eline Grootaert on 07-May-2021 08:55:04 in Product Updates

Meet our redesigned support centre

Helping customers find answers to their Teamleader questions quickly and efficiently; that is what our support centre is all about. To optimise this experience for our customers, we decided to shake things up and redesign our support centre. This blog explains what has changed exactly and why.

Less is more: simplifying the overview & categories

Research shows that more and more customers prefer self-service. They love to find answers themselves without having to contact customer service and lose time.

Our product is constantly growing and changing. That’s why we have our knowledge base team, an enthusiastic team of writers, translators and product experts that are constantly on the lookout to write new articles and to optimise our current content.

But what if you have a knowledge base full of knowledge where customers can’t see the wood for the trees anymore? With 550 articles and counting, we kept on adding categories in our old design until the overview was in danger of being lost.

Less is more, so we rearranged our 11 categories into 4 clear main categories. This should make it easier for you to quickly get where you need to be:

Getting Started
This category collects all content you need to get started with Teamleader and guides you through your first steps with our tool.

With the help of short Frequently Asked Questions and our longer, more explanatory How To’s, our goal is to help customers help themselves when they hit a roadblock using Teamleader. These articles cover anything going from questions on a certain feature in the tool to questions about licence & billing.

Best Practices
These articles are tailored to your business and needs. Each article summarises the most essential Teamleader features for your role or business; for agencies, for managers, for marketeers and so on.

Training Videos
You might want to rest your eyes from reading a bit and look at one of our explanatory videos, which you’ll find in this category.

No worries; we didn’t delete any content but just organised everything better. All the previous content is still there and ready to help you along.

Better search engine

If our new categories don’t immediately get you the answer you were looking for, try out our new and larger search bar: we optimised it to help you get better search results.

With 550 different articles, chances are the answer is only a search term away!

Popular content & new features

Below the 4 categories, you find popular content to browse through, giving you an idea of what's on other customer’s minds.

Curious to know which features we launched recently or which ones are still in the works? Then take a look at our Product Updates!

Developers wanting to build an integration with Teamleader will also easily find what they are looking for behind the For Developers button:

What if you can’t find an answer?

After all of this it’s unlikely you weren't able to find what you were looking for. If it would happen though, we won't leave you hanging! We have a support team that is most happy to help you out.

Take a look at our Contact us button in the bottom right-hand corner of the home page.
Fill out the form, and your question will be picked up by one of our experts. They’ll reach out to you personally.

You can always follow-up on your question by logging into the support centre by clicking on Login in the header of the page, and then click on 'My tickets' to keep track of the status of your tickets.

Go on and explore our redesigned support centre here or watch our instructive video: