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Itay Haber (CCO) and Marc Zinnemers (CFO) join Teamleader's executive leadership team

Fay Haelterman - Copywriter Fay Haelterman - Copywriter on 16-Apr-2018 12:06:43 in Where we are going

Itay Haber (CCO) and Marc Zinnemers (CFO) join Teamleader's executive leadership team

We’re very excited to announce two new hires for our executive team. Learn more about Itay Haber and Marc Zinnemers’ role and the value they’ll create for our company and our customers.

Itay Haber: aligning on customer centricity

As a former Google executive, Itay’s achievements are impressive to say the least.

For Google for Work, he was in charge of marketing for EMEA, its fastest growing region. He also managed Google UK’s biggest ever training programme called the Digital Garage. The online platform allows you to join free digital marketing courses, which already educated an astonishing 450,000 people since being established in 2015. “The prime objective of Google's Digital Garage is quite similar to what we at Teamleader do every day: helping people to work smarter", Teamleader CEO Jeroen De Wit explains.

These shared ideals convinced us that Itay is the right guy for the job. Or as Jeroen explains: “Remembering ‘to put the customer first’ is one thing, actually implementing it every step of the way is another. Itay will align our Marketing, Sales and Customer Success departments, thus making sure our customer-centric approach is actively reinforced across departments and markets. The end result should be a highly professional operation that keeps our employees motivated and our clients satisfied."

Naturally, Itay himself is very much looking forward to the challenge: "I’m delighted to be joining Teamleader as it enters its next phase and to be working with the great team that underpinned the company’s impressive growth since its inception. I’m looking forward to building on Teamleader’s great product, making Teamleader’s future at least as successful as its journey to-date has been.

Marc Zinnemers: resources & priorities

We experienced the same level of excitement glancing at Marc Zinnemers’ resume. After working in finance at the highest level for over 20 years, Marc outdid himself in his most recent role at RES. Before the company was acquired by a big corporate player, they expanded internationally and tripled their revenue and headcount. You don’t need to be a financial expert to understand he has exactly the right credentials to become our Chief Financial Officer.

Marc will oversee our Finance, HR and Legal department. We’re already thrilled to learn from his experience with raising capital and heading our financial strategy. The enthusiasm is entirely mutual, as Marc adds: “I’m impressed with the strong entrepreneurial culture at Teamleader. I’m committed to help the company build on its momentum, allocate resources for their biggest priorities and become Europe’s leading productivity platform for SMEs.

To hit that target”, Jeroen adds, “we need to use our resources wisely and timely so we can build the best, most functional, most connectable tool our customer base could wish for. Marc's expertise will be a deciding factor to help us reach that goal."

Expanding the executive team is an important step to further professionalise the company. Attracting the right people is key to guarantee a steady growth. “We want to complement our young, ambitious team with seasoned experts. Strong expertise will be the backbone of our international expansion”, says Jeroen De Wit, doubling down on something this entire company firmly believes in: finding a balance between new talent and filling leadership roles with experienced professionals. We’re positive this will have a big impact on becoming a European market leader.

In our hunt for the right profiles, we always keep you, our customers, top of mind. We want to keep improving our software and offer you the best service possible. We can only make this happen with the right people in the right place. Together with our new hires, we keep aiming for fast growth while maintaining stability at the same time.