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Introducing the multi-currency feature

Sending out invoices to different parts of the world? You’re in luck: we are glad to announce that Teamleader now supports conversion to multiple currencies!

Sending out invoices to different parts of the world? Then you might have had to deal with foreign currencies. If that’s the case, you’re in luck: we are glad to announce that Teamleader now supports conversion to multiple currencies!

How it works

The conversion of currencies works on different levels within Teamleader: Deals, Invoices and Credit notes. Basically anywhere there’s money involved.

The principle is quite simple: when you’ve created a deal, invoice or credit note, you can convert the total amount to any currency you like. To do this, you can go to the ‘Actions’ menu on the detail page of your invoice or deal and choose ‘Convert the currency’.

You’ll get to see this screen: 



Here, you are able to pick the currency you want to convert to. You’ll get the current rate and you’ll also see a real time calculation of the total amount including and excluding VAT.

Converted pdfClick ‘Convert’ to apply the currency conversion. What happens now, is that you’ll get two different PDF’s of your deal or invoice. One is the original invoice in your default currency, the other one is the invoice containing the converted total amount. This one is marked with the abbreviation of the currency you converted to in the title.

If you then choose to send the deal or invoice, the converted one will always be sent to your customer.

Important to know

  • You need to activate the multi-currency preference via Settings > Invoices. This will be switched off by default.
  • The conversion of a deal or invoice will only apply to the total amount. Separate lines or subtotals will not be converted.
  • If you already have a converted deal or invoice and wish to change the currency again, you can do so, but the previous version will be overwritten.
  • The currency rate is updated every four hours.
  • You can set a default currency preference per company via the invoicing preferences.
  • Inform your customers of the applied currency rate by using the shortcode $CURRENCY_RATE$.

This is how the conversion eventually will appear on the deal or invoice:



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