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Improved task screen, Search dropdown menus

Benny Waelput Benny Waelput on 18-Mar-2016 13:22:00 in Feature friday

Improved task screen, Search dropdown menus

In this week's Feature Friday: Improved task screen, and search dropdown menus!

Improved task screen

Frequent users might have already noticed that something has changed concerning the task in Teamleader. Instead of the usual popup when editing or finishing a task, you are now redirected to a separate page. This allows us extra space to give you more and detailed information about your pending tasks.

Here you have a detailed description of the aspects in the improved task screen:Task screen

Search in dropdown menus

After using Teamleader for a while, it might occur that certain dropdown menu’s were getting quite long. If you’re a fan of segments for example, or if you’re using Teamleader with a lot of people, the dropdown menu could envelop the whole length of your screen.

We fixed this by limiting the length of the dropdowns and adding a search function to them. From now on you can search for people or segments you know are in there, but aren’t visible at first sight. Later on, you’ll find this improved dropdown in every aspect of Teamleader, but for now we’ve limited it to segments and planning.