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Help others discover Teamleader (and earn a bonus)!

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 07-Jun-2017 09:00:00 in

Help others discover Teamleader (and earn a bonus)!

Today we're happy to launch our brand new Referral program!

83% of our customers are more than satisfied, 36% indicate that they actively recommend Teamleader. Needless to say, we're very happy with these numbers: a satisfied customer is the perfect ambassador. Which is why we'd like to offer something in return.  

Become a real Teamleader ambassador!

Expressing gratitude to our loyal customers and ambassadors was the main idea behind the launch of our Referral program.

How it works? Well, if you refer someone else as an existing customer, you'll receive either:

  • a € 125 discount on your next invoice
  • € 125 in Teamleader credits, free to use as you see fit

But that's not all! The person or company you refer, will also get € 125 worth of Teamleader credits! Those credits can then be used for:

  • Sending invoices by mail
  • Confirming meetings via text message
  • One-way integrations with bookkeeping software
  • Twilio

So, in short:


Note: only the account administrator can choose your reward. The administrator of your Teamleader account determines if € 125 will be deducted from your next invoice, or if you receive € 125 in Teamleader credits.

How can you refer new customers?

To grant other people the opportunity to discover Teamleader, simply go to your Teamleader account and click on your picture/name in the top right hand corner. Next, select "Recommend Teamleader". This page also gives you an overview of how much you've earned through referrals and how much of this credit is still left.  

You can then choose to share Teamleader through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Would you prefer to just share the link straight away? No problem!

Your contact can then use the link you sent him to try out Teamleader for free. If he or she decides to become a paying customer after that initial trial period, you'll both receive € 125 automatically!