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Is Good Quality Data a Part of Your Business Strategy?

Vanessa - PieSync Vanessa - PieSync on 23-Jan-2017 16:59:15 in Digitisation & Productivity

Is Good Quality Data a Part of Your Business Strategy?

In the future, an increasing amount of sales will be driven by customer data. How do you make sure this data is of high quality? And how can it guide you towards informed business decisions? 

Partly thanks to the evolution of CRM, many businesses are now interested in turning customer data into valuable insight that drives business decisions.

But your CRM is only as strong as the data that’s in it.
A recent report found that by 2020 a majority of Sales decisions will be driven by customer data, so you have to make sure that data is high quality, or your decisions will be baseless.
Think about it, if you have a CRM stuffed with fake emails, inaccurate phone numbers, and duplicates, you know your sales and marketing efforts won’t succeed.

How is Poor Quality Data Affecting your Business?

It’s not just your sales and marketing teams that are losing prospects and customers due to poor quality data. 75% of businesses believe that inaccurate data is undermining their customer service.

Perhaps your sales team entered a prospect into Teamleader under the name “Susanne” and marketing created a new record for the same customer but typed her name in as “Suzanne”. This customer calls in for post-sale support and it turns out her name is spelt “Susan”. This might be an extreme example, but it’s not so far from the truth.

Whatever your data issues are, whether it’s inaccurate data or duplicates: poor quality data is a recipe for total chaos.

Which is why you have to make sure your data is in top shape before you hand it over to your teams for their initiatives.

The first step you need to take is to commit to maintaining a high-quality database by implementing a few simple procedures.

1. Remove duplicates

If you’re gathering customer and prospect data through multiple sources such as web forms, emails, and marketing leads, you’ve probably got some duplicates in your system. You can remove duplicates from Teamleader using a few sure-fire methods:

Remove Data Duplicates

When importing your data you can configure Teamleader to search for duplicates merge them. You can run duplicate detection based on email, first name, last name or a combination of these parameters. Read more at the Knowledge Base.

If you become aware of duplicates in your system you can manually merge them. Every contact or company in Teamleader can be manually merged together with similar contacts or companies. Find out how to do this at the Knowledge Base.


2. Verify New DataVerify New Data

Ensure that company-wide checks are in place to verify new data. Make it a rule that everyone has to check in Teamleader to see if the prospect or customer is in the database. Look under name, email and phone number for a three-point verification check.


3. Keep Your Old Data Up To Date

Make Keep Your Old Data Up To Datesure your teams are confirming prospect and customer information. This can be a simple “Can I just check to see if I have the right email?” You can also start using tools such as parsers that regularly scan incoming emails for new information on existing contacts.



4. Consistent Data Entry is Key

Consistent Data Entry

Decide which information is mandatory at the first contact with your prospects or customers and make sure everyone obtains it. Perhaps you need first name, last name, company and email as a standard first touch collation. As the relationship between your business and your prospect deepens you can obtain more information using progressive profiling techniques.

Teamleader can help to keep data consistent, but you’re still faced with the problem of your teams working in data silos, which can create huge problems for the quality of your data. If your teams are working in different apps, you’re going to have duplicate data, and inconsistent records.

We recommend destroying data silos by syncing your business cloud apps with Teamleader. This will ensure that your customer contact data remains consistent and up to date across your entire company.

Committing to High Quality Data

PieSync syncs contact data two-way and in real-time between Teamleader and many business cloud apps such as HubSpot, MailChimp and Zendesk. We offer a 14-day trial if you’d like to try it out.

If you haven’t already committed to good data practices, you should start now.

High-quality data is critical for making informed business decisions across your entire organization, making it one of your most valuable assets. Take the time to seriously consider implementing a plan to maintain your data, and choose the right technologies to help you.