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Need deal information? In comes the brand new detail page!

Ward Boone Ward Boone on 11-May-2020 11:21:28 in Product Updates

Need deal information? In comes the brand new detail page!

Your deals get the attention they deserve. With a restyled deal overview and a brand new detail page per deal, you’ll never lose sight of a single detail.

Recently, product manager Pieter Reel told us how Teamleader would not only help you generate more sales opportunities, but also help you pursue the right ones. The updates we’re launching soon are a crucial step in that direction.

Curious what we still have in store for deals and quotations? Read all about it in this look forward.

A clear overview per customer

On all contact and company pages in Teamleader, the deal overview got a new look. The overview you’re familiar with gave way to a brand new and clear list view.


Check all of a customer's deals or filter them by status and get immediate answers to the most critical questions:

  • Did I already have deals with this customer?
  • How many of those deals were won?
  • Which deals were lost and why?

For each deal in the list view, you'll see the responsible, current deal phase and the total amount. For lost deals, we also added the lost date and reason.

💡 Tip: add 'corona (COVID-19)' as a loss reason and better estimate the impact of the virus on your business.

A dedicated page per deal

By restyling the deal overview, we paved the way for a much-requested update: a dedicated detail page per deal.


Each deal in Teamleader now has its dedicated page that you can consult via the related customer, the general deal overview or the Pipeline overview. By bundling all the information of a deal on that page, your follow-up becomes a lot more clear.

The standard deal parameters are, of course, still available. Those include:

  • The details of your deal such as the probability rate, expected close date, deal source and all related custom fields.
  • The timeline of deal phases with its underlying follow-up actions.

And there is more. The details page also contains a lot of novelties such as:

  • A clickable status label at the top of the page.
  • An overview of related projects, invoices, order confirmations, orders and delivery notes.
  • A new remarks field for the specific deal.
  • An overview of all linked files.
  • All history linked to the deal.

Questions about deals in Teamleader? Then be sure to check out the support page!

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