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Build better relationships in the Digital Age

Build better relationships in the Digital Age

Is customer centricity just another buzzword? The customer has always been king, but is gaining power every day. With digitisation on the rise, customers demand excellent services - any place, any time. How can you meet their expectations and become a more customer-centric organisation?

1. What is a customer-centric organisation?

What makes for a customer-centric organisation? We’ll let you in on the secrets of truly customer-centric companies. And you don’t have to be a large enterprise to become one either. Some claim customer centricity and customer experience depend on an inexhaustible source of resources and is reserved for young and flashy brands or big companies. We’ll debunk those myths and explain how an improved customer experience can benefit your business as much as any other.

2. Why should SMEs become more customer-centric?

Customers are becoming more digital every day. You won’t be able to convince or even reach  them, if you don’t improve your digital customer experience. Learn how you can offer them a single, seamless experience and how you can make some small changes in order to become more customer-focused.

3. How can a digital strategy support the customer experience?

As a digital strategy consultant, Gerrie Smits is an authority on understanding the digital consumer and developing a digital strategy.

“Lots of companies still start from the ‘what’ - their product. If you can get them to think about the ‘why’, and really understand what their product or service means to consumers, you get vastly different strategies, with vastly different results. Start from your customers’ needs, and go from there.”

In this compelling interview, he told us how small companies should react on digital trends and elaborated on the importance of a relevant and personal experience.

4. Customer centricity: how Halito! made it work

In the end, customer centricity is about making a difference. Strategy is important, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t put your words into action.

What better way to inspire you than an SME who tackles their customer experience in the right way? Halito! Offers an online platform for guest registration and communication. In just one year, the company managed to shift their approach from product-focused to customer-centric.

Their focus? ‘The happy flow’: “things can’t be overly complicated, simplicity and speed are essential.”

Eager to start building better relations? Download your ebook and become a truly customer-centric business.

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