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Customer-centric business according to Ruud Verduin

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Customer-centric business according to Ruud Verduin

Ruud Verduin

Ruud Verduin reveals the secret to customer-centric business: 'the challenge for any business remains the same.' Read on!

Markets and business models are rapidly evolving. But the challenge for each and every organisation remains the same: engaging in, developing and maintaining profitable customer relationships. Ruud Verduin shares his insights on how you can establish such successful relationships.

Ruud Verduin is an advisor and coach in customer-centric business and CRM.  He has accrued over twenty years of experience in that area.  "New communication channels, new business models and growing competition are disrupting existing traditions and ways of working", he states. "Our customer relationships are under pressure."

"Competitors are not only waiting around the corner. They can emerge anywhere in the world."

New technologies allow for new ways of producing, distributing and communicating. This is happening in the context of a globalised society.  "Competitors are not only waiting around the corner. They can emerge anywhere in the world." Products are starting to look more and more alike. Competitors are optimizing their business processes, becoming more efficient and customer-oriented.  This makes it harder and harder for entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves in the market."

Establishing contact

Luckily, according to Ruud Verduin, there's still an important element that allows entrepreneurs to create value: customer interaction.  "What matters is to create an extraordinary experience for your customer", he says. "This allows you to stand out from the crowd." Which is, of course, easier said than done. "You need to be able to respond to the specific needs of each individual customer, even when those needs differ for each and every customer."

"In the end, customers are the lifeblood of your organisation."

Fortunately, there's one major common denominator: each customer needs to feel recognition. Customers need a supplier who takes their needs seriously and ensures a personal treatment.  "That's why it's essential to know your customer inside out", Ruud Verduin states. "It gives you the opportunity to provide your customer with a tailored approach.  Just when economic conditions start to falter, we need to get a grip on our customer relationships.  Because in the end, customers are the lifeblood of your organisation."

Customer value

The challenge businesses are facing, is clear.  "You need to engage in, develop and maintain profitable customer relationships. And it's not about how you structure your sales organisation in an optimal manner, but about the value you offer your customer." In other words: it's about the reasons why your customer would want to be a customer. "In each interaction with a customer, you need to show the added value you have to offer.  That is the essence of CRM. Companies that succeed in that aim, will benefit from loyal customers - leading to more turnover, lower costs and increased margins."

"Think about your customer, not your product."

To help you reach that goal, Ruud Verduin offers a valuable tip. "Let go of your product", he states. "Think about your customer, not your product. It's an indispensable prerequisite to reach true customer loyalty.  Your customer's needs should be the starting point. You're no longer selling something to your customer. You're helping your customer buy something you have to offer. And don't forget: customers are only human. You need to understand how they think, even though they might have a different mindset than what you expected."

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