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Creating quotations: 6 tips to convert more customers

Robin Van Cleemput Robin Van Cleemput on 20-Feb-2015 11:36:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Creating quotations: 6 tips to convert more customers

An irresistible offer is more than a glorified price list. There's a number of things you want to pay attention to in order to really convince your customer.

So you may have a new customer? They found you by word of mouth marketing or a campaign. Nice work. Time for an offer.

And an offer is just for transmitting your prices, isn’t it?

Not exactly. You want to make an irresistible offer, and that is more than just a fancy price list. In fact there are a lot of things you ought to think about if you want to convince your customer.

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Here is a checklist of 6 tips:

1. Drawing up an offer: the no-brainers

I’ll start at the beginning. There’s a big chance these are already in your offer, but I mention them for the sake of completeness:

• Obviously you mention your details and those of your customer.
• Every offer has a date too.
• If you send a lot of offers an offer number is handy.
• It’s best to put your own general terms and conditions in your offer too.

2. Make sure the layout is attractive and includes your logo

Creating quotations template

Don’t forget, your offer is the first document a new customer gets from you, so this is your chance to make a perfect first impression.

That’s why you should make sure the layout of your offers is neat and that your logo is on them, of course.

Software like Teamleader produces offers for you with a really nice layout, using a template you create yourself. You just have to make the effort once to create the template and then with one click you can re-use it for subsequent offers.

3. Give as many details as possible

To justify your price, transparency is essential. Indicate the price of your materials and work (hours) as accurately as possible on your offer.

It is difficult to be 100% precise about the work involved, but do your best. Then your client will know more or less what to expect.

4. Write a good, customized, accompanying text

Quotations accompanying text

Obviously you’re busy. But if you can make the difference anywhere it is in your accompanying text.  Look at it this way: you convince your client’s reason with your offer and his intuition with your text.

You can make your offer a whole lot more attractive with these tips:

  • Assume that your offer will be accepted anyway. Your text will exude that self-confidence.
  • Use the appropriate style. Don’t use formal language for someone you’ve had a nice cup of coffee with. But you’d better not be too informal with the director you have only spoken to once on the phone.
  • Always mention the result for the customer. As in ‘Dear Mrs. Peters, please find my offer for the complete repair of your outdoor swimming pool with 10 year guarantee’.
  • Repeat the questions and wishes you heard in the sales meeting. For example: ‘The design will be carried out in yellow ochre and mauve, as discussed.’
  • Invite feedback if something is not clear or is lacking. That shows that you are customer-friendly.

5. Get someone to check your offer

Creating quotations checklist accepting online

Is there a spelling mistake? That immediately makes your offer look a lot less professional. Everyone can use help with spelling mistakes and typos. So have a colleague check your offers.







6. Make it as easy as possible for your customer

Preferably you’ll get your offer back with a signature. But if it has to be done by post, it can cost your customer quite a lot of time. 

Fortunately you can now have your offers signed online. In Teamleader your customer can comment on, download and accept your offer all on one screen.

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