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Blast! Media: "Crystal clear, without too much hassle."

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 24-Aug-2016 16:00:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

Blast! Media:

Blast! Media was not really looking for a CRM tool, until they came across Teamleader. Today, they're working a lot more efficiently for just a small amount of money.

Who? Jurgen de Ruiter, account manager
What? Digital billboards and outdoor narrowcasting
Teamleader since? May 2015
Modules? CRM and invoicing
Challenge? Simplify subscriptions and sales forecasting

What do you do if your sector focuses too much on technicalities, instead of the core aspects? Well, you just go your own way. That's what happened to the founders of Blast! Media: they felt that narrowcasting - placing audiovisual displays on location - was focused too much on screens and pricing. So they decided to go another way, with the idea: "the hardware is the means and content the aim". A brand new, creative idea in other words - which means administrative hassle is something you can do without.

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Pay for what you use

That was about four years ago. In the meantime, Teamleader has come along, although Blast! Media was not really looking for any solutions. Account manager Jurgen De Ruiter explains how that happened. "We ran into CRM specialist René Brouwer at a fair.  He got us in touch with Teamleader. In a way we wanted a system, but it couldn't be too clunky, or filled with expensive features we wouldn't use anyway. Thanks to the free trial, we immediately learned it had everything we needed. We were actually just looking for a basic tool and that is what Teamleader is about."

"We were actually just looking for a basic tool and that's what Teamleader is all about."

As with many other companies, Blast! Media used to rely on tables and spreadsheets. "We used to do absolutely everything in Excel. One file in particular was updated every single week during a meeting, and it was my responsibility to manage it. I had to call people to know how trajectories were going, and I couldn't really maintain an overview of everything that had to be done. In fact, I barely had an overview at all."

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"And if I wasn't at the office for once and someone called in, I had to count on the fact nobody would forget to pass on the message. Which, needless to say, happened every once in a while." With Teamleader, we won't have to deal with this anymore. "If I miss a phone call from a customer, a note will be drawn up and I'll receive an email as well. This way, important information will never go lost again. "

Sales forecasting & subscriptions

Blastexport05-1.jpg"Statistics were an important reason for us to choose Teamleader. We use them quite frequently now. In the past, we couldn't really forecast, nor see what leads and sales opportunities came in. To us, this information is of crucial importance: how much is left in our pipeline? How much turnover will we realize in the nearby future? We're now able to predict this much easier."

"What's left in our pipeline? How much turnover will we realize in the nearby future? We're now able to predict this much easier." 

"Subscriptions are really useful to us as well: they really help us out a lot. Especially with the hardware we're leasing. We want to know what's going well and what's not going so well. The tags give us a lot of information as well: what is often being worked on, in what areas are we running ahead, in what areas are we lagging behind... Teamleader helps us answer all those questions."

Jurgen has no experience with the invoicing module. But he's heard nothing but good things. "According to our team, invoicing is easy and transparent, and the integration with Exact has increased our efficiency a great deal. Everything is saved in a matter of clicks, I've heard absolutely no complaints whatsoever."

A pleasant routine

Jurgen summarizes what makes Teamleader so great in a couple of words: "Crystal clear, without too much hassle, that's how I would describe it." And what else is crucial to him? "Teamleader requires you to fill in some essential things, which is a sort of pleasant routine that prevents you from forgetting things. Checking tasks or phone calls, in short: those small obligations that are sometimes annoying, but really important, those essential things are included."

Blastexport04-1.jpg"Teamleader requires you to fill in some essential things, which is a sort of pleasant routine that prevents you from forgetting things."

Teamleader also offers the perfect answer to other human errors, Jurgen states: "If two people enter the same company name in different ways, your database soon gets cluttered. But Teamleader automatically suggests to merge this information. This is definitely not something you see in every tool."

No false promises

Finally, there's also the financial aspect. An area that Teamleader shines in as well. "The price-quality ratio is perfectly balanced. Everything in the system works well, we have very few remarks to make. Your customer success team is a great help in that regard: if I have a problem and there's no solution yet, I get a response within a day or two at the latest."

"In any case, I have the impression that very few things are put on the long finger in your company. Other companies sometimes promise to deal with a problem later on, which then doesn't happen. You guys show that there's another way: we can provide feedback, follow webinars, receive updates through the newsletter. As a customer, you're really kept in the loop."