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Vanessa - PieSync
Vanessa Rombaut is the Digital Communications Marketer at PieSync. @PieSync helps you to sync your customer data bi-directionally between your favorite cloud apps and your CRM.
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Is Good Quality Data a Part of Your Business Strategy?

Vanessa - PieSync Vanessa - PieSync on 23-Jan-2017 16:59:15 in Digitisation & Productivity

In the future, an increasing amount of sales will be driven by customer data. How do you make sure this data is of high quality? And how can it guide you towards informed business decisions? 

Get More Out of Teamleader by Using PieSync

Vanessa - PieSync Vanessa - PieSync on 23-Jan-2017 16:58:19 in Digitisation & Productivity

Good quality data is essential for your sales and marketing campaigns. This integration can help you collect this data!