Tom Schouteden - CTO

Tom Schouteden - CTO
In his spare time, you'll find Tom on a board, whether that’s snowboarding or kitesurfing. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he follows tech news very closely - not only professionally, but as a hobby too. And if you like passionate talks about technology, there are lot of suitable candidates working at Teamleader, but Tom will most definitely engage in a fiery discussion.

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Teamleader launches Integration Fund of 1 million EUR

Tom Schouteden - CTO Tom Schouteden - CTO on 16-May-2018 16:10:17 in Where we are going

We’re very proud to announce the Teamleader Integration Fund. Software developers can apply for a chunk of the fund to build a new integration between their app and Teamleader, or to improve an already existing one. It’s a huge step in our evolution from product to platform: it will help our users work even smarter, encourages software builders to join our ecosystem, and lowers the threshold for other businesses to reap the benefits of the cloud.