Ellen Doms - Product Owner

Ellen Doms - Product Owner
As one of Teamleader’s product owners, Ellen knows the ins and outs of great project management all too well. Having been with the team from the early beginnings as product designer, Ellen is now in charge of Teamleader’s planning module. She gradually became a true expert in anything ranging from resource planning to project management. Ellen happily shares her project management insights and knowledge, which she acquired through in-depth conversations with customers, entrepreneurs and partners alike.

Recent posts

Project management in construction: use 'the lean method'

Ellen Doms - Product Owner Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 29-Jun-2017 17:32:03 in Project Management

Every project manager needs to find a balance between finishing projects on time, staying within budget, and avoiding quality loss. In the construction industry, it’s even more complex. A lot of different parties are involved, projects are planned on the long term and a lot of tasks are codependent.

Project management for creative agencies: the essentials

Ellen Doms - Product Owner Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 22-Jun-2017 17:40:02 in Project Management

In the creative industry, the pressure’s always on to deliver cool projects to wow customers. It’s often tough to keep a cool head and deliver successful projects from A to Z, every project at a time. That’s why you need to have a few essentials in place to get from cool idea to ready-to-ship without any significant bumps along the way.

8 essential skills for great project managers

Ellen Doms - Product Owner Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 09-Jun-2017 09:00:27 in Project Management

The project manager has a vital role to play in every project’s success. Apart from harassing everyone about deadlines, he or she needs a particular set of skills to get the job done. Here are the 8 essential talents every project manager should possess to a greater or lesser extent.

Project management: 5 steps and phases

Ellen Doms - Product Owner Ellen Doms - Product Owner on 02-Jun-2017 11:54:51 in Project Management

The amount of planning and work required to manage and complete a project can be overwhelming at first. Instead of throwing yourself out of the nearest office window, the best approach is to break it all down into ‘manageable’ portions and structure the required efforts into clear steps. Here’s how.