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Game of Thrones has Maesters, we have Benny: a man whose vast experience, life-long devotion and superior intelligence have made him a walking, talking and inexhaustible source of knowledge about Teamleader - and strong Belgian ales and bass guitar too. Knowledge this hard-working ex-customer success, ex-inside sales, ex-copywriter, now full-on product marketer is more than willing to share with whoever's asking. "Benny knows" is a phrase so often heard, you tend to forget that a couple of beers make him sound more like a potty-mouthed pirate than a scholar.
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Teamleader Marketplace: one central place for all your integrations

Today, Teamleader launches a new platform: the Marketplace. It contains nearly 100 integrations with SME software, ranging from accounting tools and Microsoft Office to cloud applications for online payments, marketing, telephony, and much more.

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Adjusted day view in calendar

We've adjusted our day view in the calendar to make it easier for you to schedule your day. It's also in favor of our new project planning module. If you use the projects module, look out for something new next week!

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New version LinkedIn plugin

Great news! Teamleader’s LinkedIn plugin has received an update: it’s now compatible with the new version of LinkedIn’s layout.

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Task behaviour in project templates

If you’re an avid user of the Teamleader project module and you have a lot of similar, recurring projects, then chances are you’re making use of the project templates function.

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Create flexible payment terms

Create your own customisable payment terms for invoices and subscriptions!

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Business card scanning, Piesync integration

Never lose an opportunity again: scan business cards you receive and insert the information immediately to your CRM!

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Improve your dashboarding with

If you’re a fan of dashboarding, then you’ll love is a dashboarding app originating in Belgium. Their goal is to make number crunching easier. And now they’ve constructed an integration with Teamleader!

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Set up ticket autoreplies per email address

On Friday, we present you the newest Teamleader updates. On the menu for this week: setting up ticket autoreplies per e-mail address!
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New bookkeeping integration with Reeleezee, Shortcodes to add VAT included price

Thank God it's Feature Friday!
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Improved holiday management

Enjoy the summer season!
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