Alexia Coppens

Alexia Coppens
Alexia is head of our Customer Success team. From onboarding to retention, including support and customer success content: she’s the one that makes sure everything keeps running smoothly - and she almost gets worshipped for it. Even more, there are whispers about an altar in the cellars, where people come to pray for a saint with curly hair… but those sources haven’t been confirmed yet.

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2 awards for Teamleader at the ToTango Customer Success Summit

Alexia Coppens Alexia Coppens on 17-Mar-2017 21:08:58 in Digitisation & Productivity

Our Customer Success team won 2 Customer Success Hero Awards at the ToTango Customer Success Summit in San Francisco. We were rewarded for our unique and dynamic approach - here's what our Customer Success strategy looks like.