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6 Questions to ask when choosing a CRM tool

Cedric Auman Cedric Auman on 17-Aug-2016 10:34:00 in Digitisation & Productivity

6 Questions to ask when choosing a CRM tool

Is your business ready to invest in CRM software? Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself in order to find the perfect match.

CRM tools in their early days were designed to help businesses build and maintain relationships with leads and customers. Today, they have evolved into robust, integrated solutions that help you manage your entire business, ranging from sales and marketing all the way to finance and accounting.

But the market is saturated with different CRM solutions. Finding the one that solves all your pain points is the key to growing your business.

For example: suppose you’re working for a small tech startup, trying to raise funding and gearing up for growth in the next few months. In this case, you will want to get a CRM in place that can scale with you - there’s nothing more annoying that investing time and money into adopting a tool, only to have to switch to another one and migrate all your data once you’ve grown.

Checklist for choosing the right CRM 

Is your business ready to invest in CRM software? Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself in order to find the perfect match. 

1. Is it easy to use, as well as easy to implement?Startupblogs_5_Inline1.png

From a user perspective, it’s essential that your tool is easy to use. As a startup, you don’t want to implement software that slows your team down, or worse, that your team refuses to use. You’ll want to find a CRM tool that fits your needs, integrates well with your current toolbox, and that actually makes your workflow smoother. Save yourself the headache by choosing one with a clean, intuitive user interface that doesn’t involve a steep learning curve.

2. Will it help us make data driven decisions?

Every good business decision should be based on 2 things: data and logic. But if you’re running a startup, chances are you’re lacking the data to base your decisions on.  A CRM tool should help you forecast revenue and growth, help predict your cash flow, and give you access to real-time information on your pipeline and sales performance. In short: your CRM software should grant you valuable insights by providing you with all the right facts and figures.


3. Will it help us reach our goals?

To select the right CRM tool for your business, you need to define your goals first:  Think about how the tool can add to the efforts of your sales team, or alleviate their workload by automating repetitive tasks. Obviously, a CRM tool won’t accomplish those goals for you, but a smart business puts solutions in place to help them get the job done faster, better - or both.

4. How will we access the system?

An important consideration to make is how you and your team plan to access the tool. Will you look for cloud software or would on-premise tools be a better fit? Let’s compare both options side-by-side.


5. Will it grow with our business?

Most CRM suppliers offer pricing models based on the number of users. Before selecting software, make sure you know how many co-workers will need to use it. This helps you avoid paying too much or choosing a tool that you’ll soon outgrow.

You should also consider the aspect of training and onboarding. How easy to use is this particular CRM tool and what sort of introductory training do you need beforehand? Does your vendor provide sufficient customer support? What about the ability to provide feedback, or communicate directly with the team behind all this technology?

6. Is it worth its price?

As a startup, you know this all too well: time is money. So how can you calculate whether or not it’s time to adopt a CRM tool, and if it is worth the investment? Simple.


Suppose you’re working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. For the sake of convenience, we’ll assume you earn € 25 per hour. This means that if you spend 5 hours a week managing your contacts, leads and customers with Excel sheets, this aspect of your business would cost you € 125 a week or € 500 a month. With Teamleader, you can do all of this in one hour at a cost of € 25 a month, saving you € 400 and 16 precious hours you can use to re-invest in more urgent matters.

Why Teamleader is the perfect tool for startups

With Teamleader, we built an all-in-one solution to help deal with fundamental challenges small and medium sized companies face on a day to day basis. From managing leads and customers up to tracking your sales activity, providing customer support and following up on projects, Teamleader provides you with all the data you need to manage the most essential aspects of your business - all in one place.

But there’s more: Teamleader is easy to use, customizable, cloud-based, offers seamless third-party integration and comes with a free mobile application, helping you manage your business on the go.