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2 awards for Teamleader at the ToTango Customer Success Summit

Alexia Coppens Alexia Coppens on 17-Mar-2017 21:08:58 in Digitisation & Productivity

2 awards for Teamleader at the ToTango Customer Success Summit

Our Customer Success team won 2 Customer Success Hero Awards at the ToTango Customer Success Summit in San Francisco. We were rewarded for our unique and dynamic approach - here's what our Customer Success strategy looks like. 

Our Customer Success team won 2 Customer Success Hero Awards at the ToTango Customer Success Summit in San Francisco. We weren’t planning on showing it off, but according to ToTango, we have our unique and dynamic approach to thank for this fantastic result. Well, if they say so…

Ditching classic account management

We work with a lot of smaller clients, mostly SME’s. A classical approach focuses on acquiring bigger accounts and establishing a stable relationship between customer success agents and customers. Let’s say this makes every agent responsible for approximately 300 accounts.

Even early on, we knew that this approach wasn’t scalable nor sustainable for us. We onboard 500 new customers per month, making it impossible to manage our accounts the old fashioned way. Instead, we try to do things differently.

Understanding the customer lifecycle on a deeper level

When mapping out the customer lifecycle, it became clear to us that customer needs change significantly throughout relationships with SaaS companies. This means that there’s a big difference between getting a client to use the software and keeping them happy afterwards.

Therefore, we introduced different approaches for the onboarding and retention processes.

Educating our customers at the right moment

During the onboarding process, our main goal is to help our customers have a quick start. As for retention, we focus on providing more value and advanced experience. We advise them on the right modules for their business and make sure they make perfect use of every aspect of the tool.

We might win a lot of new clients, but that doesn’t turn them into cold, hard numbers. We genuinely want to help them and make sure our customers “live happily ever after”. Therefore, understanding the customer’s lifecycle and gathering deep insights into those cycles and customer needs is a necessity to us.

We give our customers homework

Although we think it’s crucial that our clients start off with the Teamleader basics, it doesn’t mean that afterwards, we just leave them in the woods and never look back.

Whenever they have questions, customers are able to email our Support Team. But we don’t wait until they contact us: we continuously feed them information, share useful tips on how to use our platform, and constantly keep them informed on any updates or changes.  

On the other hand, we’re careful with holding their hands too much. However it might sound a bit counterintuitively, we think it’s a good idea to provide SaaS customers with some homework. Our model doesn’t allow us to lead them every step of the way, so we let them figure out some things themselves.

In our opinion, this way they will be emotionally invested in our product and they will feel encouraged to make a real success out of it. Also, they will learn the workings of our tool faster if we give them a sequence of easy tasks, resulting in “small wins” and boosting their confidence and satisfaction.

The result? High engagement and involvement, as well as self-sufficient, confident and independent clients.

Doing great, but aiming for better 

I’m extremely proud of our Customer Success team and I am grateful for the recognition we received at ToTango's Customer Success Summit. I want to thank our team, consisting of enthusiastic, skilled people, always going the extra mile. And of course, I want to thank our clients, without whom this all wouldn’t be possible.

I don’t think we got lucky. I think we have a solid Customer Success strategy and we should acknowledge that.

Sure, we’re still learning. We should, because scaling our company and keeping up with new techniques helps us to maintain that dynamic spirit.

Also, we try to understand our customers in a unique way, aiming to solve their problems before they even appear. That’s why I want my team to be very proud of this award and motivate them to do even better.

Want to join this crazy, yet totally amazing Customer Success team? Don't hesitate to check our vacancies and tell us why you would fit in nicely with this happy crowd of people.