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Welcome message Twilio, phoning via your browser, Exact Online for Germany

Welcome message via Twilio

Welcome message

From now on, users of Twilio can treat their customers to a friendly welcome message with your own personal greeting. This way, callers will immediately know that they have called the right company and, a small tip: you can decide whether or not their conversation will be recorded (as is obligatory in some countries, as we reported two weeks ago).

You can, of course, find these settings via 'Integrations' under 'Twilio'. Here, you can choose to tick the welcome message and record one straight away. Just click to start and stop the microphone and when you're done, you can listen to your message or re-record if you wish to do so! 

Phoning via your browser

Phoning via browser In addition, we also have good news for users that don't use Twilio: our click-to-dial-functionality is, as of today, no longer exclusively limited to users of VoIP services. You will now be able to click on each contact or company with a phone number. Try it, and you will see that as from now you will be able to phone using other options. 

Other options include, for example, plugins such as Skype or FaceTime, which allow the user to phone via web browsers. For instance, Skype has the click-and-phone option that allows you to call from within your browser. You can download the Skype plugin here.

Exact Online for Germany

In the meantime, our German branch of Teamleader has been successfully launched in Berlin, providing us with quite some press attention. From an internal point of view as well, Teamleader is ready to cater for the German market. The accounting package Exact Online can now be linked to Teamleader in the country that gifted the world with Goethe. 

The link can still be made through your personal menu upper right, under 'Integrations'. If you would like more details about how to create the link, have a look at our How To!

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