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Web2Lead with Jotform; Plan a meeting? Sorry, out of office!

Assigning responsibility for leave approval

Requests for holiday leave used to be handled by either the admin of your Teamleader account, or your own team leader. We adjusted this slightly, so now you can assign responsibility for leave approval requests to one person within the company. 

Approval days off

Should a company employee place a request for leave, the person responsible will get a notification, and can approve or deny the request. Want to know more about leave planning? Check out this How To!

Plan a meeting? Sorry, out of office!

Suppose you want to invite one or more of your colleagues to an important, not necessarily internal, meeting. When you’re finally sitting down together, that person doesn’t turn up. Apparently he or she has a day off – something that was probably planned weeks ago. And there you are, at a loss for words.

But not anymore!

Now, if you invite a colleague for a meeting at a time when he or she has a day off, a clear ‘out-of-office’ message will appear beside his or her name. So you will know for sure whether someone is actually available for the planned meeting.

Attending colleagues

Create Web2Lead forms with Jotform

In one of our earlier Feature Fridays we announced that you can easily and automatically send leads from your website through to Teamleader via our Web2Lead forms. You can use Unbounce, Formstack or Wufoo for this.

In the meantime we have added a fourth possibility: Jotform.
Via you can build your own forms in the same way as you do with Formstack or Wufoo. Use some predefined themes or build your form from scratch yourself. Read how to link the form to Teamleader in this How To!

Holidays after the comma

A minor update to the leave entitlement in Teamleader allows you to add decimals to your holidays as well now. For example, you can limit the maximum number of hours to 100.20 hours. The advantage is that you can divide your work and holiday hours better.

Define more reply addresses for ticketing

Sometimes you may manage your support under several business entities in Teamleader. But it looks strange if a customer sends a ticket to address B and gets an answer from company A, because there is only one address linked to the ticketing system.

That’s why you can now define several addresses from which a reply can be sent. Suppose a customer has a problem and sends an email to Even if this arrived in the ticket inbox, you could only send answers from Now you can simply add a second address in your ticketing settings and Teamleader will automatically send the reply from the correct address!

Replying to tickets


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