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Visiting Zulte Waregem: "Belgian football is open to change."

Teamleader users take the floor: SV Zulte Waregem aka "Essevee" takes us to the Belgian Pro League. Because top level sports teams need a professional approach, especially now that a lot of clubs are raising the bar. Essevee revolves around passionate football with close attention to young talent. Zulte Waregem likes to break boundaries: first geographically, now with respect to innovation. Flexibility is key, says commercial manager Tyas Kastelijn: "If necessary, customers can even book a custom arrangement on match day."

Necessary switch

That kind of service demands investment: "We've known for a long time that we could do things more efficiently. But searching for a system that we could adapt to our own requirements took time." Sales officer Kenny Provyn nods: "Another condition was that our representatives would be able to use the software perfectly on their own. Which wasn't easy: some of them had limited computer training. It would take a bit of adapting for them to leave paper and ink behind." Tyas: "Eventually they conceded, partly because Teamleader's automatic invoicing increased the club's cash flow. And because discussions about deals became a thing of the past: everything was right there in the system."

Fewer steps

The transfer was a must: "It took some getting used to, but the extra responsibility our reps get was a big motivator." Kenny: "The same applies to us. The fact that everything runs online means we don't have to intervene anymore. Although we still monitor closely (laughs)." And what about time spent? Tyas: "Teamleader let us get rid of unnecessary steps, leaving room for follow-up and reporting. The number of dinners per game, perfectly timed callbacks, full client information always at hand…" Kenny: "I used to enter purchase orders into Office manually, after which they were sent to reception for the tickets, followed by the invoicing service, and so on."

Finger on the pulse

Modern football is an enterprise. Tyas: "Our internal TV channel, stadium announcements, dinners or group subscriptions, everything b2b related is in the system." Lots of products means lots of prices. Kenny: "Entering them all into the database took me a little while, but now our people in finance have the right numbers immediately. Customers receive automatic purchase orders and the confirmation ends up at invoicing and reception simultaneously. Then there's the direct integration with our accountancy software." Tyas: "We're fortunate. Football has many variables that can suddenly increase the pressure, like the league cup, the different seasons…"

Learn from one another

Both gentleman are now focused on training. Kenny: "3 representatives are getting to know the system, 1 has been using it full time lately. It's staggering how smooth it's been going – they even give us useful suggestions." Tyas smiles: "Pioneering this new system looks good of course, but I really think the world of football is open to change. As a matter of fact, we're giving a short presentation to some clubs." Kenny: "Damn, we'll have to train them as well if we don't watch out (both laugh)." Tyas: "Our representative called it a very logical tool, and I wholeheartedly agree."

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