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Visiting Wood Secrets: "Actually we're already kind of addicted to Teamleader, and we like it."

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. Wood Secrets, with offices in Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor and Nijlen is the first of many to come. What's in a name? Wood Secrets is a growing and innovative player in wood construction. Their vision mentions affordable and energy efficient constructions.

Managing director Ivan Van Den Broeck discovered, after own development at huge expense, a foreign alternative: Projectplace. However, he quickly understood that Teamleader was a better choice: "It's perfect for SMEs, offers different services and they listen to individual needs. Furthermore, our external people work with it, from the yard to abroad."

Usability first

Ivan notices immense time savings and fluent working methods since he uses Teamleader: "Our quotations used to require a lot of effort and preparation, but now everything is visualized. This saves us a lot of time." But that's not the only difference: "Actually Teamleader works as some kind of virtual server, because all the data gets stored in the cloud. That's how we economize on IT-staff, hardware, and we have extra back-ups."

Teamleader already convinced Ivan from the start: "I had some time to 'play' with the free version, when I came home from the cold winter nights. That went amazingly well, especially because I'm no computer expert. They took their time to evaluate their own software, and I appreciate that."

The communication and documentation stream works through a system now, as good as possible: "Everyone takes their responsibility at each moment and adjusts numerous milestones. But we think there's still some margin in our use of Teamleader, like time registration. That of course demands extra discipline, that's why we take our time (smiles)."

Service pays off

Teamleader too has some points that can improve: "I would like to get rid of my old Excel-package completely. Although, when I see how quickly other changes were implemented, I put my trust in them."

Without contempt, Ivan continues his statements: "We pay a fair amount of money, but at the same time, we're not bound to long contracts with disadvantageous conditions. We're already kind of addicted to Teamleader, and we like it. Actually it's simple: as long as Teamleader provides us their reliable service, we remain satisfied. And that keeps everyone awake and competitive."

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