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Visiting Winewise: "Teamleader confirmed that a good website starts from a databasesystem, not vice versa."

Crucial acquaintance

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. WineWise from Ghent organises professional wine courses for companies, wine professionals and tasters on different levels: styles, grapes, regions... With clients as Voka, 15 tutors and an international platform behind it, WineWise is a name in the wine sector. Surely, decisive moments often happen with a glass of wine. Manager Sybille Troubleyn started with Teamleader in 2010: "Today I truly speak about a time before Teamleader and a time since the integration."

At that first moment, Sybille was mainly looking for a decent web designer: "I doubted a long while before signing the right proposals. At a startersevent I started talking to the people of Teamleader. And they confirmed what I already sensed, a good website starts from a databasesystem, not vice versa." The WineWise-founder literally couldn't sleep that night: "It was a big surprise to see the promised proposal the day after. And even more surprising, despite our short conversation, it was actually what I really wanted."

Structure and overview

The transition however wasn't seamless: "Admittedly, I'm a real computer amateur, but in the meantime my business needed to keep growing. 4 Years later Teamleader still hasn't found all of its capabilities here, but it immediately provided my most important requirements. Consulting the exam results in London, analysing the profitability of certain courses, no time-consuming administration to the accountant..." The latter is a thorny issue for Sybille: "I used to waste a lot of time on administration. But now billing is just a few clicks away! It even gives me a specific view on the turnover, outstanding balance..."

Structure and overview are really important for a company: "Before Teamleader I helped myself with static Excel- and Accesfiles, from here to Tokyo... Now, if a candidate course participant calls, all of his or her files are added into the system, and is immediately added to a mailing list. With the help of the tracking I can see who opens those mailings, this way I only call people who are interested. Good for both motivation and agenda." Sybille notices this motivation at Teamleader too: "They complement each other well and are close to each other. I can remember the smooth introduction course, although the webinars (online seminars) exposed a lot of resourceful tools afterwards."

Focus on trust

Absolute perfection from the start? That illusion is quickly overthrown by Sybille: "Teamleader was and is user-friendly, everything else is just a nice bonus. I know they are working hard on some inconveniences. You know, when they received their capital injection, I gave the whole team a wine tasting. Only then I heard that WineWise was their first Teamleader customer ever (laughs)..." Sybille never knew this: "Our trust was always confirmed, which always made me go for it. As an entrepreneur you need to focus. Therefore, I decided to be Madame Wine (smiles)..."

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