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Visiting TinC: "Perfect for strict monitoring, because that remains an issue for young enterprises."

The same language

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. TinC from Haasrode, near Leuven, provides professional language training courses suited to companies and functions. Because an accountant speaks a different languages than a salesman. Director-founder Els Van Aerschot translated her language passion into a business adventure since 2008: "Our growth figures seem very spectacular, but it's not at the expense of our personal relationship with the customer." The tone has been set: "After a year of Teamleader, we notice very positive evolutions. Every lead and contact gets registered, from a simple phone call to a real training course. We now have multiple colleagues working on the same file. And customizable notifications keep us and our customer alert. Perfect for strict monitoring, because that remains an issue for young enterprises." Els is on the road for 80% of her time, and especially then, up-to-date file knowledge is essential: "Right before I visit a customer, I check the project status with my tablet or smartphone. This way we keep progressing!"

Content and shape

The TinC frontwoman seems, next to her punctual attitude, sensitive for esthetics: "Teamleader brought our visual attractiveness to a whole new era, definitely after our Excel period. Simple yet still colorful, and let's be honest, that's way more pleasant to work with on a daily base." From that same perspective, Els adjusted the look of the quotations: "My question was barely posted, and it was already answered by an update. Plus, Teamleader keeps track of the where, what and where to's from invoices." The same story with a new trainee: "Teamleader made a temporary login with adjustable abilities on the same day... for free." This kind of service does not go unnoticed, especially as a young entrepreneur: "We feel connected with Teamleader. The fluent communication, the creative thinking, the helpful attitude... I often choose my partners intuitively, especially when they are SMEs, because they remain small enough for high quality. It's not a coincidence that I train some fine starters at Unizo, who hopefully follow the same path."

Keep optimizing

Those new players benefit even more from Teamleader: "They align their internal working method from day 1 to Teamleader, and vice versa. Every user creates its own layout. You can choose for more visual aspects, like movable columns, or for more content, like relevant project figures." Els wants to go further with her company: "We do all our project management on Teamleader, and I would like to see our documentation management on it too." There's no doubt, TinC believes in a long-term partnership: "If I'm satisfied, I'm the best ambassador ever. But in case I'm not, I'm your worst nightmare (laughs)." In each case, the newsletter has a follower in Haasrode: "They don't contain chatter, but respects the core values, like real progress, and that's certainly a good thing."

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