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Visiting Time To Tango: "I can sleep soundly every night."

Teamleader users take the floor: Time To Tango from Leuven brought the best of two worlds together. Efficient websites and apps on the one hand, enticing designs and stories on the other. Some applications come down to just pure automation. Others are affordable websites for SME's. Thomas Geeraerts, co-founder: "I'm working with a company for private detectives at the moment, Teamleader is already warming up in the background."

Refreshing partnership

Thomas has been writing software for several years. "We had our own invoicing system, but its usability was somewhat lacking. And the Belgian legislation never rests." Time to develop something new? "We were focusing heavily on consultancy at the time, so we were on the lookout for external solutions. But they were often flawed. Either clients couldn't receive their invoices electronically, or there was no possibility of a subscription." The breakthrough came with the accounting package: "That also needed a renewal, which proved to be even more difficult."

Fully synchronised

Thomas was hoping for a new all-round system. "Alas. Subscriptions were too complex and client interaction was downright awful." In the end, it took two years: "Teamleader had us convinced after some thorough testing: synchronised email traffic, straightforward handling of subscriptions, the integration with our accountancy software …" Older invoices got transferred to Teamleader through this very integration: "Both systems now work in sync, saving us a lot time and effort."

Question and response

Time To Tango's leading man praises the support service: "Reachable day and night,  simply exquisite. And not just standard answers, but correct feedback with proper guidance and room for suggestion." Some concrete examples? "Importing data has spared me some lengthy typing sessions. Or personalized invoices that allow international clients to be served in their native language, with added explanations." The results have been positive. "I get far less questions regarding invoices, which gives me peace of mind."

Trusted payments

Not to mention physical well-being: "Be it America or the Middle-East, the right invoices are sent out and automatically end up in our bookkeeping. I sleep soundly every night and get up relaxed in the morning, knowing I have a perfect overview of who payed what and what to cross off the list." International payments know no compromise: "I used to check a bunch of emails as proof of payment. Not anymore." Which leaves more Time To Tango. "The whole invoicing process goes about 80% faster, I would estimate. An absolute must when you have different accounts and users."

Delegate and demonstrate

Eventually, entrepeneurs learn to let go. "Teamleader helped me to hand over some control. My associates take the reins while I'm on the road." As a consultant, Thomas even gave some demos of the system. "I'm constantly on the prowl for the best customer solution, from the business end to the technical aspect. Commercial motives can never be a factor." Everything starts with a strong base: "Agreed 100%. That's the beauty of your system: all of the possibilities, none of the redundant complexity. You just activate what  you need, the rest comes later."

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