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Visiting Synaps: "Dare to evolve, but evaluate first."

Stability wanted

Teamleader users take the floor: one by one enterprises working more efficiently. Synaps, a company from Brussels, specialises in software training at big companies and institutions. Both on the spot and from a distance, through the e-learning principle. Dozens of tutors and dozens of tutoring days demand a complex organization. MS Office or more specified software: every client gets trained and escorted intensively. Succesively, because even the European Commission chose Synaps.

Geert de Kooter, project manager, trainer and webdeveloper himself, may be very familiar with MS Office, but it didn’t seal the deal. “We used to manage our clients, sales and planning through Office, in combination with our own ‘cloud’. But when we tried to personalize the system, lots of unforeseen costs came up. And we had to switch to a new license, new server…” Geert searched and found an alternative in Teamleader. “I was immediately contacted on their website, and I could tell my story. Problems changed into solutions. For example the trainingsplanning: that happens internal, while sales create their own planning.”

Surrisingly pleasant

Or a pleasant surprise. But that’s not all: “With my workload, I couldn’t get Teamleader at an early stage. After a while, I contacted Teamleader again and apparently they added a feature that I came up with on our first meeting.” As a developer, Geert feels specially wired with the system and the people behind it: “I often come up with simple ideas, but I keep getting surprised by their drive! In actions, by superfast adjustments and responses, way past normal office hours (smiles). But also in words, just by their positive attitude. If you hear ‘that’s a good idea’ on the phone, that makes a huge difference…”

The average user experience inside the Synaps-team results in a positive report: “We’re simply satisfied, because Teamleader requires no maintenance, quick operations and simple customisation.” And besides that, we each found our way easily. For example: in projects we add an invoice date, because smart timing is crucial, even after the training. And everything is in continuous connection. Mails, calendars, MS Office…” Still, Geert knows there’s a lot of beauty in Teamleader: “Patrick, our director, recently had to drive to a meeting and, to his great delight, could visually see where our other clients were located. Always useful!”

Dare to evolve

Beside the qualities of Teamleader, the Synaps-frontman understands that it takes vision and trust to take the step. “It’s not because we used to do it in a different way, that it was a better way. You have to dare to evolve, but of course check and evaluate the added value of a system like that. And last but not least, don’t forget to ask: does the system evolve itself? Our answer is loud and clear… yes! (laughs)”.

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