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Visiting Shoot Photography: "It's our database, our history."

Teamleader users take the floor: Shoot Photography from Zwevegem creates beautiful images for various sectors. Textile, nutrition, floors, furniture, fashion, marketing, ... Professional photography demands craftsmanship and dedication, but also a 700 m² studio and lots of exclusive locations. Shoot Photography comes up with and builds settings, shoots products or interiors and offers a top-of-the-line post-production. The owner, Stijn Windels: "I learned about Teamleader at a fair, as a co-exhibitor you're bound to take a look around (smiles)."

Administrative simplification

The surprise is twofold. "Never thought project follow-up could be managed by such a tool, I was already happy with the invoicing. The look was welcomed as well. I'm a big Apple fan, but it felt familiar from the start." Shoot Photography has been using Teamleader for half a year now. "More and more work kept coming in, and back then we used paper files. Now, I simply add every project, allowing co-workers to have access to and keep track of their hours. This makes it easy to check if a project generated sufficient revenue in relation to the workload."

Consistent communication

The efficiency boost can be felt.  "We use various tariffs in our system to allow for easy invoicing. Prices, services and percentages are added and adjusted more quickly." The communication is on the same track. "Some reliable customers used to pay slightly late. For each reminder, I weighed my words as I didn't want to offend them. Today, everything is done automatically and I don't have to worry about that anymore." Out with the stress, in other words? "Definitely. Having to search for invoices has become a thing of the past, and payment traffic runs much smoother."

Historical overview

Teamleader helps us remember things. "It offers a sort of database and history. Quotations no longer get lost in our mailbox, contact data are just 1 click away, a company number is all we need to create a contact... It provides us with a full overview. "Each concept is added to the project as a PDF, and co-workers can check the planning to see what it's about." Stijn also thinks about tomorrow's planning. "I keep track of everything through the statistics. A complete financial year worth of numbers has already been added, which helps us compare monthly results, compare turnover per customer, and so forth.

Adapt and move forward

Shoot Photography is on a roll. "We're glad we made the transition to Teamleader. During the demo period it took us a while to get used to the tool, but once you make the switch, you never want to go back to the way things were before you started using the tool.”  Meanwhile, Stijn is evaluating opportunities abroad. "The Northern part of France is an interesting market, in particular due to the mail order companies. We often meet our prospects through trade fairs, but keeping track of mailings through the system seems like a nice bonus."

Time profit

Accountancy then. "Our accountant receives all our documents on paper, but he's switching to your solution. Easy and time-saving." Stijn still has a final suggestion up his sleeve for Teamleader as well: "Would it be an idea to show new features in the system? The blog is fun, but I barely have time to read it." Little time, but happy faces in Zwevegem.  "I bet every IT expert would be jealous of your tool. It just works so damn well."

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