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Visiting Well Played: "Making phone calls directly from the system—very cool."

Teamleader users take the floor: Well Played in Ghent is a star in the field of animation. Not traditional cartoons, but complex stories transformed into short, creative and, in particular, comprehensible videos. Ideal for sketching the highlights of a product or concept. Or for communicating a complex message in a refined manner. Founder Jakob Lorré: "I was a poor student. Those law courses were needlessly detailed and therefore complicated and boring. With a little effort, you can explain anything to anyone, certainly if you do it visually."

Congenial recommendation

Suddenly in 2013, everything took off. "Our website constructor had developed something for his administration. So, it seemed logical for us to use it, too, until we needed our own server." Jacob preferred not to take such a big step. "So he recommended Teamleader, and I was immediately sold." Before that, their resources were more limited. "A large whiteboard, a few Excel files and my mail program, no more than that."

Built-in telephone capability

"Now all sales tracking, invoices, contacts and meetings are in the system. That gives us a great overview, really handy." And time registration? "That is somewhat watered-down, because sometimes we really do things on the fly. Maybe we aren't strict enough with ourselves (smiles)." A few links compensate for a lot. "Voice over IP telephone capability, for example—making phone calls from the system. We especially like that. And thanks to Google Apps, all new contacts are automatically input into my smartphone."

Accurate figures

Colleague Didier joins us and adds, "We are constantly striving for maximum efficiency, especially in the area of project management. Internal planning and the accompanying transparency toward the customers, that's where we see opportunities." Jakob chimes in: "Take care, we're not complaining, you know. The statistics, for example, are very handy. They keep us awake and encourage us to sell and to see how much we are left with." The quotations also play their part, explains Didier. "Just enter the number of seconds of animation, and all of the detail prices adjust themselves."

No surprises

A complete article list is crucial. "70 to 80% of those articles are on our basic quotations, and that ensures transparency. At the same time, the customer has a good idea about the final invoice, even if the video takes a little longer." Jakob nods: "Sometimes that final invoice is a slightly modified quotation, and that makes our work much easier." Didier adds: "Jakob's entire agenda is in Teamleader. If a customer calls, he knows exactly what is happening."

Concrete feedback

Well Played regularly gives feedback to Teamleader. Jakob explains, "Sometimes we have meetings via Skype; that, in fact, is a virtual meeting. From now on, I can specify that as a meeting location." Didier laughs. "Now that you mention it, there are a few more ideas lying around here. I should have passed them along sooner." The confidence remains high, says Jakob. "My technical contact at Teamleader is always right on it, without losing any time. To us, they are more than just a partner. They are a great team, people you can go grab a drink with."

Update 18/07/2016: This testimonial was first published on 11/02/2015. In the meantime, Well Played, formerly SEEQ, changed their name.

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