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Visiting Sanitair Decock: "Thanks to Teamleader, the customer sees the exact status of the project, our partners know what is expected of them, and much more."

Making progress together

Teamleader users take the floor: Sanitair Decock in Harelbeke is a professional plumbing company whose services span an impressive range: sanitation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat pumps, solar boilers … A complete bathroom renovation or a separate, newly built installation? Sanitair Decock has been doing both since 2009. Founder Jonathan Decock had a lot of experience but wanted to kick the service up a notch. Project Manager Jeroen Balduyck came along at just the right time in 2012. He is the one who punctually follows up with the customers, while Jonathan directs the work itself. The perfect team, in other words!

Jonathan already had an online system: "The invoicing was truly a disaster! Constant corrections, too much frustration and wasted time … When Jeroen joined me, we decided enough was enough. We started looking for an invoicing program for Mac. But it wasn't that easy. Until we found you. I sent a mail asking for an appointment, and that same evening I had an answer. But the strange thing was that I received a second mail." Jeroen chuckles: "I had done exactly what Jonathan had done but without his knowing. Quite confusing, for a while. It was the perfect demonstration of how easy life would be with a system like this (laughs) …"

Transparency & follow-up

And that feeling applied to more than purely the invoicing problem. As Jeroen explains: "The project module, in particular, was a perfect fit for our ambitions. We work with a bunch of subcontractors, which doesn't make our administration any easier. "Thanks to Teamleader, the customer sees the exact status of the project, our partners know what is expected of them, and much more." Jonathan chimes in: "The ticketing also helps us to manage our communication. If a subcontractor wants to perform a handy little extra job, a ticket is created and the customer can then confirm. A quotation update follows immediately. So there are never any misunderstandings, and everyone is happy."

Jeroen takes a more serious tone. "The image of the construction and renovation sector benefits from this. After all, people respect good agreements. We feel we must continue to make progress. And a motivated workforce not only makes a renovation productive, but also positive." By the way, how is it going with those invoicing frustrations? Jonathan nods: "Those are long gone. Teamleader automatically mails the invoices, but for our older customers, they are still sent by post. However, I have heard that you also automate this process, so we will soon be adding that service, too. I am very curious to see exactly how you manage that (smiles)…"

Extra ease-of-use

Improvements and fine-tuning where possible. That applies to Sanitair Decock as well as to Teamleader. As Jonathan's puts it: "We are really looking forward to the new mobile application, which is becoming even more iPad-friendly. This way I can do the entire work-site follow-up at the site itself, and Jeroen can process more customer data, send adjusted price quotations etc. while in transit …" Jeroen considers this. "Well, those quotations are now handled so much more pro-actively, because we continuously keep all of the information up-to-date. Some customers think that aesthetics are more important in a renovation than the practical aspects. So if they request a price, we make offers in that direction." Jonathan concludes, "Running a plumbing company with 2 in-house managers—it would never work without Teamleader."

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