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Visiting S-Technics: "More work is done these days in less time."

Teamleader users take the floor: S-Technics in Buggenhout manufactures and installs professional (industrial) kitchens. Whether their customer is the European Commission, a top restaurant or a snack bar, S-Technics sets the standard equally high for every job. Business Manager Sven Seghers went full-out this year as a self-employed entrepreneur. "It is all going faster than expected, with customers throughout the Benelux, a bunch of projects, new colleagues and soon a second company for large comprehensive projects."

In October 2013, Teamleader appeared on the scene. "A fellow refrigeration technician with whom I had studied used the work tickets and invoicing in Teamleader. After a small home demonstration, I was sold. Until then, S-Technics had run on Excel and Word, and I was busy every Sunday with invoices and quotations. There was hardly any time for my family. Now, I come home in the evening and in ten minutes, everything is finished."

Spontaneous service

The work tickets are a handy tool. "At the work site, I input as much info as possible into the system, things like travel, equipment, work hours … These work tickets are the basis of our earnings, and they are very handy when invoicing. Making quotations also goes quite a bit faster; Teamleader contains all of the product codes with their specific descriptions." Of course, that information doesn't just magically appear in the system. "Late one evening I was struggling with a list of articles; it just didn't want to import. Suddenly, I received a mail with spontaneous help. After 15 minutes, the problem was solved."

Sven appreciates the general service: "Working with graphics is not really my strong suit. Teamleader placed our company logo directly in the quotations. I was very pleased!" Our brand new sales colleague was also able to go to Teamleader with urgent questions. "Due to our busy schedules, we have very little time for status meetings or consultation moments. But thanks to this system, everyone has an overview of all of the solved problems. Plus the projects sold, because sometimes we forget to approve them (laughs)."

Tight invoicing

Checking quotations, changing addresses … Teamleader is an efficient control instrument. Sven concurs: "I don't check late-paying customers, since they stand out by their absence (smiles). But recently, when I spoke to a welder whose account was in the red and who had seven months of outstanding invoices, I recommended Teamleader." S-Technics keeps tight control over its invoicing. "A link to a bookkeeper would be the perfect finishing touch, but that's for later."

As Business Manager of a flourishing company, Sven is on the go from early morning until late in the evening. "I could not do without Teamleader; it allows me to get more work done in less time. The tool is put together so logically. And it stimulates cooperation between the employees." Which is a good thing, because S-Technics is growing rapidly. "Soon we will be launching a new website. As far as I'm concerned, the site can feature a gigantic link to Teamleader (laughs)."

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