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Visiting Qubrik: "Our sales team works very independently."

Teamleader users take the floor: Brussels-based Qubrik is making a name for itself in the world of real estate investments with the highest possible return. This ranges from financial advice to fully furnished apartments for students, seniors, business people… Always luxuriously finished, top quality projects, tailor-made for smart investors. Co-founder Danny Anthoons: "Just 3 years ago we were completely dependent on Excel."

Follow-up & supervision

"When we took up our first little office, we'd just gotten a new colleague. But I had no clear view of his prospect follow-up. So we regularly came together for a status update, Excel sheet in hand." An unsustainable situation, to say the least: "Postponed meetings, unsent emails and forgotten phone calls… we desperately needed a better system. On the one hand to supervise the sales process, on the other to manage prospects."


Danny sought and eventually found. "I ran through 3 demo's, none of which sufficed. They were often complicated and unsuited for the Apple products that held our agendas." Converting to Teamleader went smoothly. "The Teamleader crew was a great help, among other things by importing our prospects." As of now, everything is on point: "Our timeline is Qubrik the whole way. It used to start with an appointment. Now it starts with a reservation, followed by a compromise, and so on."


Great lead engagement is now a given: "Inbound prospects are immediately added to the database, our call center arranges meetings with the right people, who can see everything on their iPhones." It doesn't end there. "Writing visitor reports, planning calls or checking mailings, our sales team works very independently." A huge relief for Danny: "You carry your business with you, no matter where you are. All the information is compiled in one system, even our vacations are kept track of."

Contact made easy

The telephone system facilitates things even more. "Everyone makes calls through the system, some even do it from home. Not only can calls be recorded, there's also the possibility of an answering machine. Easy, quick and cost-effective." Still, Danny enjoys a trip to Ghent once in a while. "We're made to feel welcome every time, with a cup of soup if need be (laughs). Just yesterday we went there. Linking new projects to existing clients, which used to happen manually, is done automatically from now on."

Growth & vision

Statistics? Danny loves them: "They ensure that appointments are divided equally among our people. Extra statistics are always welcome of course, such as the number of appointments per quarter." Transparency, a key term for Qubrik and… Teamleader. "They want to keep growing, and we are being properly informed so we can grow with them and focus on our customers instead of useless administration. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me (smiles)."

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