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Visiting ProTech Gent: "Those iPads were a revolution."

Teamleader users take the floor: ProTech Gent's forte is car care. Sophisticated varnish protection or interior cleaning for your steel coach? ProTech offers iron-clad guarantees to passionate drivers, car dealers, companies … They set the bar high. Marketing man Valentijn Rammeloo: "Protech Netherlands already had a system, but it didn't seem like enough for us."

Intuitive integration

The solution came from Ghent. "It struck me as intuitive right from the start, and it worked that way, too. We are craftsmen, not computer specialists; if we have problems, we need to solve them quickly without a lot of detours." The Word and Excel files had to go. "Besides, our new guarantee system can be integrated perfectly, as can the website. That way customers can follow their appointments online; they even receive an SMS after registering. And there is an intelligent link to the invoicing."

Digital simplification

The internal communication has also been updated. "Those iPads were a huge revolution. Especially when we heard that our work tickets and scheduling could be accessed on them. Or photos of the car, the chassis number, the customer's signature … Serious savings, since our annual paper expenses get quite high. Our people also know what they have to do far enough in advance. Same goes for the customer, who receives automatic work tickets. Discussions about the work performed are no longer an issue."

Measurable progress

Valentijn is a keen number cruncher. "The numbers tell the real story, thanks to the handy statistics. For example, how long does it take before a customer signs? Since Teamleader, the number of accepted quotations has risen, and they are generated faster and in more detail." The time registration function is also handy. "Our boys work hard, so it has to remain fun for everyone. But it is good to know precisely how long it takes to process one car. Even though this may only be important to some customers—often we service very busy executives and business owners."

Growing together

Adjusting where needed: "Via the incoming work tickets, I can see if our main brand continues to do well. In the future, we aim to focus even more on private car enthusiasts." But in the meantime, the marketing man has discovered some amazing functions. "Every week there's something—the development tempo is very high—such as the addition of a new location or the link to LinkedIn. That is good for us, because soon we will also start up in The Waasland (smiles)."

Positive attitude

"I can imagine that many people shudder at the thought of making quotations. But I really like it. Teamleader is a breath of fresh air; it has everything we need and many expansion options". It is easy to compare with ProTech Netherlands: "There, importing an Excel list takes a whole day; here is finished in no time." The respect is great: "The fact that this has been created in just 2 years, with such an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, appeals greatly to me.

Great respect

Valentijn sounds convinced: "Ghent is the city for young entrepreneurs who color outside the lines. We like to do it like this, so that the rest can see how it's done." Finally, some strategic advice. "There are many opportunities in the Dutch market. They are definitely open to new things there. So, hurry up and launch!"

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