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Visiting Profiel Reclamebureau: "I save an average of 6 to 8 hours every week, just on invoicing alone."

Teamleader headed out to South Limburg, the territory of Profiel Reclamebureau, a full-service communications agency which has clocked seven well-filled years up to now. After a serious expansion, Business Manager Johnny Stegen went looking for a versatile CRM package. "Most packages seem laborious, and if you call the help desk, you end up with more questions than answers (laughs)." Teamleader was able to convince the ad man, and by the start of 2014, the integration was a done deal.

Always and everywhere

Today, Johnny is still happy with his decision. "We used to manage with a high-priced bookkeeping package which, on top of it all, was exasperatingly slow. It only ran on Windows, while our printers delivered to us via Mac. Of course, as an online application, Teamleader runs anywhere. "Even if our computers break down, the quotations and invoices are preserved. I save an average of 6 to 8 hours every week, just on invoicing alone. When it comes to gaining time, that really adds up."

Clear-cut costs

Teamleader is also economical in other areas. "Thanks to the precise calculations, we know exactly what each employee costs. Good for the customer, because a work placement student may not cost the same as a permanent colleague. And good for us, because we see how much we ultimately earn on a project. But if I may make a suggestion: It would be great if we could also see the printing costs in Teamleader. That would be the perfect finishing touch."

No discussions

Luckily there is income, in addition to the costs. "Those statistics are a godsend. I enter my targeted monthly turnover in advance, and the ‘bars’ keep me on track. A green or blue bar is still good, but if it turns red, well … (laughs)." It is certainly not the fault of the payers. "Automatic reminders support the customer and avoid uncomfortable discussions. Yet, the basic invoices are transacted manually, just like most of the quotations. Because the customer still has more trust in personal contact. Although there are customers who approve quotations online, no problem."

Sending handy notes to each other, consulting the vacation schedule ... Teamleader promotes team spirit. "The people themselves, of course, make just as great a difference. Being young at heart is much more important than being young in age. You see that, too, at Teamleader, although they do have a lot of folks who are young in age (laughs)." With his 46 years, Johnny feels right at home among all these youngsters. "I used to be a designer who worked just like this—logically and practically. That's why we click so well, Teamleader and I. Believe me, in the coming years, we will do everything in that system!"

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