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Visiting Partners voor Ondernemers: "Teamleader left an honest impression."

Teamleader users take the floor: Partners voor Ondernemers (PvO) from Kortrijk have made smarter co-operation their core business for over 40 years. With major clients such as Colruyt Group and SMEs alike. Optimised processes that fit the needs of employees and their interactions, agile structures designed for clients and their respective markets. PvO finetunes organisations and prepares their gradual transformation, making sure teams are 100% motivated and companies are 200% ready. Director Joost Van Driessche: "80% of workplace behaviour comes from structures."

Start with yourself

A telling observation. "When I started this job 3 years ago we had 20 seperate applications for our customers. We reduced those to 3, but at the same time we wanted to apply this exercise in efficiency to ourselves. Something consultants tend to forget: self-improvement (laughs)." So there was plenty of work to be done: "The contact database, time tracking, invoicing and accounting all ran seperately, with their own history and logic. As an IT specialist, I was looking for the best of both worlds: good functionalities at an affordable price."

The first real encounter

Teamleader was still in its infancy. "They came around but I also visited their office – I'm rather familiar with IT, as a customer, supplier and a consultant. In fact, I give trainings to help people choose an ERP system." The right man, the right place. "I enjoy seeing how IT suppliers are organised, what kind of dynamics are present. Teamleader left an honest impression. Being a growth company, they didn't make any crazy promises, their pricing was on the mark and they built their product from scratch – including the right technology."

Automation & autonomy

Joost understands the benefits. "No heavy maintenance costs, easy to adapt, everything grouped together in a practical way..." But flexibility has to work both ways. "My vantage point was not "this is how it should be", but rather "what elements are there and what do we need?" You have to keep it realistic." PvO's internal staff now counts 7 people. Joost smiles: "Most of my colleagues are highly critical and detail-oriented, yet I haven't heard any complaints. But the gains are there: we keep stuff in our own hands as much as we can and we automate where possible. Which saves us about the equivalent of half a full-time."

Self-discipline pays off

The workflow is booming. "We register commercial opportunities as a task, real offers are transformed into deals. Followed by contacts, calls, visitor reports and of course the projects themselves." They too are followed up on closely. "Time tracking can be hindrance but right now it's made easy, it's just a form of self-discipline. An autocompletion feature for identical, recurring projects would be quite nice." The head of PvO hesitates. "Maybe we still lack some user experience, I don't want to start pushing our staffers. Because we're very pleased with all the rest."

Registration & communication

Which brings Joost to the next point: "I know that the system does customer evaluations, totally in line with our philosophy. We do ours on paper right now, but digital is the future." Registering as much information as possible is the company's main ambition: "We want to be self-sufficient, but the underlying communication needs improving, though I'm already keeping track of our sales efficiency. Profits and losses, success rates, the number of quotations sent out..." Smart co-operation is the way to succeed. "I run my own independent business, but to me your system seems like a proper fit for even the care sector." Teamleader, customised for specific sectors? "Keep your base product simple and stable, before anything else, and make sure to keep everyone interested."

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